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re: Demographics have Democrats targeting Texas and Arizona

I never saw the GOP solve or even address the spending problems during the Bush years
I agree. It was absolutely disgusting. It made me sick. Barack Obama felt the same way. He said Bush's deficits were unpatriotic.

Fact: The last President to Balance the Budget was Bill Clinton, when Newt Gingrich forced his hand and he had a Bill Gates economy
The Democrat party's line is that we can afford to leave Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as is so long as we raise one tax rate from 36% to 39% and trim military spending. Please tell me how it adds up. I'm begging you.
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re: Demographics have Democrats targeting Texas and Arizona
The only solution is a Balanced Budget Amendment. I guess the only question is how you go about the Amendment? Unless we decide to go off the cliff?

A Balanced Budget Amendment will force reform IMO

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