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Anthony Davis: Fapworthy stat comparison

From a poster on HR, compared to Duncan, Garnett, Robinson, and Howard in their rookie years.

Obviously it is a ridiculously small sample size at this point, but its still worth watching.


If he can keep up anywhere near the pace over the 82 game grind...we got ourselves a future HOF-er.

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re: Anthony Davis: Fapworthy stat comparison

Here's one that includes a comparison to Duncan based on college stats. Talks about a little more.


The idea is to look at how the rookie years of many greats affected their team to see how one might expect Davis to affect this one.

Clearly, there is no 1-1 comparison, but this is at least in the comparison bucket.

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re: Anthony Davis: Fapworthy stat comparison

He's had a great season and all, but I wouldn't go as far to say he will be a future HOFer if he keeps up this play for the whole season. And I realize that's not what you're saying. I'm just pointing out/reminding everyone that a rookie season does not necessarily set the tone for a players whole career. See Darren Collinson. He broke some of CP's rookie records. Now he's just an average PG.

With that said, I think we have a great one on our hands

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re: Anthony Davis: Fapworthy stat comparison

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