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re: A question about Diarse and Jefferson

I never said he was. All I said was your so called depth chart was filled with inaccuracies.

I'm done with you now brah. I hope you enjoyed your stay here on the RB.

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re: A question about Diarse and Jefferson

okay 'brah'.......

I never said he was

Sorry, 'brah' but you sound just as stupid as Rickdaddy..

You don't even know what you have said.

Here's a clue.....You NEED to be done with me brah. Oh my God, what an idiot.

Gotta remeber what you say, girl.


Left off Sam Montgomery and TM7...how do you leave off those 2?
is your quote for a 2013 depth chart.

Answer: Ummmmmmm, because they are leaving a year early maybe?

:confused: :lol:

It's too easy to guess what'll happen next.

You'll say, "I never said that", and "you didn't understand what i said."

Enjoy your stay on the RB....and seriously....Thanks for jumping back in and making an idiot out of yourself.....again.

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