Gerrity would trade Anderson for Biyombo |
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re: Gerrity would trade Anderson for Biyombo


Wow. I thought for sure y'all were overreacting to sarcasm. FWIW Gerrity's always been off when it comes to analysis, I remember him regularly saying some things I didn't agree with during the CP3 era too. His main job appears to be to do interviews so him being bad at analysis isn't that big of a deal.

I appreciate the work that Joe and all the guys at 247 do. Unlike the TP, they care about the team. They bust their asses and are trying to create a pro basketball community in New Orleans from the ground up. No easy task at all.

Here's my problem: Gerrity has positioned his website and himself as the authority on Hornets basketball. Whether he is the interview expert or not, posting nonsense only hurts the Hornets community. How many people follow him for "insights" such as this?

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re: Gerrity would trade Anderson for Biyombo
Gerrity is a hack and has been since 2009 when he defended Bower & Shinn with the other idiots there.

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