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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.

My gf's been looking forward to seeing it with me since the first trailers came out.

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
I took my little girls to see it yesterday and I thought it was pretty good. Maybe not quite Toy Story III good, but very 80's nostalgic vibe going on. It's definitely one I'll end up buying to re-watch. It's fun just to watch and figure out the video game references. They nailed every voice-cast with this movie too.

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
We took our son to see it. He is 4 and not really into video games yet, but he loved it. The references to the 80s games was great. The casting was excellent.

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
I don't mean to poopoo all over it, it wasn't a bad movie by any means, just didn't seem to have much to it. They could have made some amazing CGI scenery within the video game realm that they just mailed in. I guess for a Disney flick I expected more substance to it, especially being an 80s child that grew up on Atari and quarter arcades.

The Cameos by some of the old school game characters was a highlight, especially as you had to be quick to catch some of em. My favs were:


-a Pooka and a Fygar (Dig Dug)
-the paddles (Pong)
-Neff (Altered Beast)
-the armored Ostrich Knight (Joust)

and I loved Clyde (Pac-man)as the encounter/support group leader

Says Paperboy was in there, too...I didn't catch him.
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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
Took my 4 year old daughter to see it. We both loved it. Sugar Rush looks like it would be a lot of fun to play irl. I really liked the short film (Paperman?) that played before the movie.

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.

most calling it by a long shot the best video game movie ever mad

That ain't saying much.

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.

Says Paperboy was in there, too...I didn't catch him.

I saw him riding between the Pong paddles in one of those big shots of the station.

I do wish the game wasn't mostly spent in candy land, as there could have been some really cool environments, but I still had a good time.

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
I'm looking forward to the blu ray when I can pause that shot in the station and see who's all there.

Fun movie. Reilly and Silverman did an outstanding job.
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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
I liked the film but I left feeling a little let down. The promos promoted this as a world filled with childhood classics in it. Beyond the first 15 minutes, you really get none of that. The therapy scene that was played to no end in the previews was really the extent of that. Sure we got a Sonic cameo but I was expecting this to be the Roger Rabbit of video games. If you can't afford to include Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Halo, Donkey Kong, etc. don't bother. It could of held up alright in its own right san established characters.

I really liked the Halo world. Despite hating Jane Lynch with a passion, they really made this work. I just wish we could have scene more worlds besides this and the candy land. While I liked candy land, they spent way too much time there. After 20 minutes I got the idea and hoped to see what other games were in this world.
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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
Yeah, I saw it yesterday and that would be my only gripe with it, that they spent too much time centered in Sugar Rush and not in other games.

The first 10 minutes are the best with so many older games. I did like how they tied "real life" in though, like when Ralph was at the bar and the bartender had to go serve some drinks, then it cuts to the video game of him filling beers and sliding them between tables to customers, then all of a sudden back to chilling with Ralph. shite like that was really cool. Just like how all the people in Fix it Felix, Jr. moved around all jumpy like old arcade games.

Oh, and I loved the Mentos/Cola volcano thing..that was awesome.

All in all, I really liked it...thought it was pretty awesome.

And I didn't realize that King Candy was played by Alan Tudyk (the pirate dude from Dodgeball). I could've sworn it was the dude who voiced Roger Rabbit, because they sounded identical at times.

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
saw it today with my daughter. i thought it was pretty good. i liked the nostalgic feel to it.

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
Thought it was really good

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
Well, just watched this movie, and I absolutely loved it, one of my Top 5 so far of the year and an absolute shoe-in for the best animated film of the year. Honestly this felt much more like a Pixar film than a Disney one, which is ironic really. This year Pixar made "Brave" which really was a good Disney film and an OK Pixar film. It was completely on Disney's formula and should have been released by them. Not sure why they didn't trade off and just release this under the higher Pixar label and make Brave a classic Disney film.

I really liked the plot, the characters, and the settings. I loved really everything about it. The voice actors were perfectly cast and don't give you the impression that they went after the actor first and the character second like so many digital films do these days. Alan Tudyk was particularly impressive as King Candy and seems as if he's been voice acting for decades. He was honestly on a Mark Hamill level in this film, something I don't say lightly. Its an incredibly perfect film on my nostalgic fantasies.

4 stars out of 4

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re: Wreck it Ralph what did you'll think.
Just caught this yesterday and it was pretty damn good. I did think they spent way too much time in Sugar Rush, but I think they made it work.

I had a chuckle when he was going through the lost and found and they had stuff like an exclamation point with the Metal Gear Solid sound in it.

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