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re: There has to be a way to get Miles to stop coaching scared

but leave it all on the field last night along with the players

not at the end of the game. get real

i feel bad for the players for playing their asses off only to have miles frick it up late

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re: There has to be a way to get Miles to stop coaching scared

miles frick it up late

So miles was calling the defensive plays and was out on the field allowing their receivers to be wide open on the last drive?

I agree that the fake field goal was a terrible play called at a terrible time. I didn't care much for the Warecat qb 'sneak' either, but I absolutely did want them to go for it there. Wanted them to stay aggressive. I think a better play call would have gotten us the 1st down; terrible choice.

Other than those 2 things, I think Miles called a damn good game. His other gambles didn't work out, but the aggressive nature of the calls was very refreshing to watch. The prevent D was on Chavis. They started marching down the field, and then Chavis decides to blitz and they knew what was coming and called the screen. He went from overly passive to overly aggressive. I don't blame Miles for that.

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