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Hellraiser Question

The scene when the daughter discovers Frank, they get into an altercation which ends with her throwing the nagic cube deal out the window.

He helplessly screams and allows the chick to escape, she scoops up the cube and makes a run for it.

Frank should have just killed the chick and harvested her or whatever. He would have become completely normal looking and could have just strolled out the house, picked up the cube, and continue with whatever plan he had. Would have been a better movie IMO.

ETA: I spoke way too soon, I'm watching it for the first time and it kicks some serious ass.

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re: Hellraiser Question

The second one is also a great movie, but I would skip the rest of the sequels (all direct to video after 3 and Bloodlines).

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re: Hellraiser Question


I'm watching it for the first time and it kicks some serious ass.

That movie creeped me out big-time. It's the scariest movie I've ever seen because I quit watching horror movies after that.

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re: Hellraiser Question

i haven't seen hellbound in a long time. i've been meaning to but it's hard to find other than buying the DVD

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re: Hellraiser Question

just about every hellraiser movie is on netflix

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