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re: New angle on debate strategy


Was reading a NYT article and they inferred that the reason Obama didn't get aggressive was because the long term plan was to let Biden do the bulldog thing. Wouldn't have looked presidential for BO to go dirty.

i thought it was because he didn't want to come off as the "angry black man" with jetlag and altitude poisoning?

so they're putting all their money on the same guy they've been hiding the last week? interesting
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re: New angle on debate strategy
If the Obama team is hanging the success of their campaign on Joe Biden's performance in a debate they are in deep trouble.

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re: New angle on debate strategy
Ah, but you forget the strategy. Biden says something provocative.
Ryan reacts to the stupidity.
Ryan gives the Obama team a sound clip for ads later on.
It's a lame strategy but it's coming.

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