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Doc John
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Tuna WTD

Have a huge hunk of fresh tuna caught from the gulf this weekend. Seared some last night, but looking to make some ceviche...

Any good recipes/ other ideas for what to do with this stuff

Mercer Fan
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re: Tuna WTD
i like it seared with a good black bean salad and green beans.

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LA-Lafayette Fan
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re: Tuna WTD
cut it in .5 inch squares. place them inside a container of orange and lime juice. place in the fridge.

after 3 days, take them out and add seasoning. throw them on a floured tortilla with some shredded cabbage (that has been sitting in vinegar)

it's the best thing i ever ate.

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Capt ST
Middle of the Mall
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re: Tuna WTD
Throw on grill and hit it with smoke and make tuna salad or smoked tuna dip, either one is great.

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