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Civilization IV or V?

I just started playing Civilization V about a month ago after playing III and IV extensively. I find that I enjoyed Civ IV way more. I do like the hexagon idea, but the gameplay seems a little dull. Also, it takes way too long to complete a turn in the early part of the game. What do y'all think?

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re: Civilization IV or V?

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re: Civilization IV or V?
I love the hexagon combat system as it makes combat more engaging, unfortunately AI is as broken as it has ever been and because of the combat system it is more evident than in Civ IV. That being said it would be hard for me to go back to IV now, I don't want a return to the stack of doom.

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re: Civilization IV or V?
Civ IV will never be topped. It's way better than V.

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re: Civilization IV or V?
I just busted out Civ IV this week, god I love that game.

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re: Civilization IV or V?
I prefer IV. I couldn't ever get into V.

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