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re: Let's Overanalyze "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2"

When Kevin is all grown up and has a kid of his own do you think he would intentionally leave him home alone to test and instill a sense of responsibility, survival, craftiness, and maturity in him recognizing the values of his situation as a kid?

Doubtful. The world we live in today is far different than the one Kevin survived in the early 90s.

Example: Kevin had to go to the grocery store. Should Kevin's child be in such a situation, he could go on the internet and in a couple of clicks have groceries delivered over night.

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re: Let's Overanalyze "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2"

Example: Kevin had to go to the grocery store.

I'll tell you this much, that grocery store SUCKED.

First, he has to plan out walking there and finding out what he needs. Not an easy task for anyone that age. So he finally goes to the grocery store and attempts to check out, likely feeling a sense of accomplishment. Lo and behold, the lady at the checkout looking at him as if he has a swastika tattooed on his face. Seriously, watch that part of the movie and check out the look she gives him. Okay, bad look, got to get over that, proceed to check out.

She asks where his mother and father are. Not a friendly, "You doin' some shopping by yourself today?" No, it's blatantly asking where in the frick are your parents you stupid fricking kid. Then she asks about brothers and sisters. Let's get to the kicker: She asks him where he lives. Who in the frick is this lady to ask him where Kevin lives? You're a cashier at a grocery store, not a special ops military unit leader finding information on a suspected terrorist. Okay, so he's finally done with the interrogation and he has to walk him with groceries in the cold. Not only does the grocery store company hire employees with atrocious customer service skills, but they order their plastic bags from a cheap vendor. Kevin should have made a call to the Better Business Bureau.

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