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re: WFDT

Grilled chicken breast and a bowl of tomato soup while pretending I'm eating R2R's dinner instead

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re: WFDT

Just FYI but Brookshire's has a bunch of stuff on sale for buy 1 get 1 for $.01. Ends on the 15th.

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re: WFDT

leftover roast, carrots, rice, gravy, lima beans and roll in a bowl.

Thursday/Friday New Orleans visit included:

Dragos (Red fish, Shrimp and Grits and broiled oysters)

Cassementos (raw oysters, fried oysters, calamari, cold beers)

Rum House Mahi Mahi sandwiches and chips, cold beer.

Coffee and fried biscuits at Café Dumonde

A few hours watching folks in the quarter.

A losing lottery ticket

Several cold beers/less than satisfying food and decent music at LA Seafood Festival

Poboys at a place on St Charles I can't remember the name, close to the Synagogue (not kosher).

A diet Barq's root beer at Rouses Grocery (on Royal?)

Nice Jazz/Blues with a killer lady clarinet player/singer outside Rouse's.

Beautiful Newcomb Pottery exhibit at LA State Museum Madame John's Legacy House.

Photo shoot at St Charles Street Car for future Oil Painting by wife (MHNBPF) for MD's Office.

Photo shoot of marshes for future big sky landscape by wife.

Potential oil purchase (landscape - yet to be determined) from gallery on Royal.

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re: WFDT

Made some brisket and ribs with a homemade bbq sauce.

Everything was real good.

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re: WFDT

had Stella! for the first time

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re: WFDT

Looks delicious!

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re: WFDT

That brisket broke down nicely....looks fine.

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