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re: SI’s Mandel - LSU dominated TCU


The story of Les' LSU career

To this point "The story of Les' LSU career":

is 86-21 which is the best among BCS programs and 49-19 which is the best among SEC programs.

Most LSU fans know how very special that is, but some and some trolls who make a pretense to be LSU fans are to busy reliving his few failures to enjoy his immense success at LSU. imo

They seem to be unable to see the forest for the trees and that's a shame for them, but each to our own.

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re: SI’s Mandel - LSU dominated TCU

like to see these pundits eat a little crow. Really, LSU 12th ranked?

I think that's mostly due to LSU's performance in last year's Peach Bowl. LSU basically dominated the first half, and looked set up for the 2nd when two things happened. Clemson started taking advantage of LSU's freshmen seconary, and LSU's OL forgot how to pass block. It's not like Clemson blew the doors off of LSU or anything.

But now that Clemson has also beaten UGA, look for LSU's cred to improve.

I think Clemson's on to something, and if people look back to last year, LSU lost to a good UF team, the MNCs and Clemson.

I would like LSU's chances against Clemson at this point.

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