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re: Gregg Doyel: "boot talented, troubled Hill"

'dator in this case was the punk that got knocked out there's no telling how many victims his mouth has had it is ashame that some nice person didnt do justice and knock the preditory camera man out who was wasobviosly an accomplence

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re: Gregg Doyel: "boot talented, troubled Hill"


Hill should kick his ass

The way he ran away giggling with his posse after that sucker punch, it doesn't look like Hill wants any part of of a fair fight.

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re: Gregg Doyel: "boot talented, troubled Hill"

I knew it was a mistake to come back and read more of this thread.

Full retard every other post.

When reasonable people with reasonable opinions get shouted down by idiotic platitudes and armchair moral certainty, then goddamn why keep reading?

Anchor this dumpster fire.

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re: Gregg Doyel: "boot talented, troubled Hill"

Wow, my life was better before I learned there was a "journalist" (and I use the term loosely)as irresponsible as you out there with a national forum. Your article disgusted me...not so much what you wrote about Hill, although I do think you are going a little overboard based on the fact that he has two mis-demeanors on his record, but that you can trash a respected coach, two elected judges and a university for not doing anything wrong. The judges are following the sentencing guidelines for the crimes he committed...nothing more, nothing less. The coach SUSPENDED him indefinitely...he may still get kicked off the team. Your opinions are on this matter are idiotic...

My comments posted on that POS article...

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