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But its a much easier target to oppress women.

How the hell is this oppressing women? The article states that the couple hadn't considered adoption before the church asked if that was an option. We don't know why it wasn't considered. Perhaps they didn't think the child would be adopted due to the special circumstances. Maybe the idea of carrying to term was terrifying. We don't know.

The fact is, now that the option is available, the couple IS considering adoption. That woman now how another choice added to her options. Perhaps you think bringing up this option is cruel but have you considered that this woman is 6 months along in her pregnancy? This wouldn't be an "easy" abortion. It's much more involved and emotionally daunting. Especially considering that for 4-5 months she has sacrificed, & nurtured that "fetus" thinking of it as her child. She's heard the heartbeat, felt the child move, dreamed about the child's life, prepared for the child's birth. Her life has been centered around this child.

Yes, carrying the child to term & putting him or her up for adoption is a difficult choice. However, it may be easier emotionally than the abortion on an emotional level. So I ask you again, how is giving her this choice - one she hadn't even considered before - oppressing her?

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