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Ole Geauxt
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re: Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

mmmmm,, fried dachshund and maters,, better than coon and sweet taters.

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The couch
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re: Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
All my Cherokees look great, just no ripe ones yet. Haven't been any more difficult then the others. Romas are producing, but the plants aren't large and the maters are small. Beefsteaks aren't doing well, better boys are looking as good as the cherokees. Got about 40 plants overall. Found about 4 cut worms today. Those bitches can destroy a plant quick. Cucumbers are going crazy. Peppers look good as do my green beans and wax beans. Grew all from seed and it's been a fun spring.

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re: Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
I grew my first Heirlooms last year, Prudens Purple, this year I have those, Cherokee Purps, one other potato leaf, Creoles and Amelia's.

I LOVE Creoles, but the Purps were definitely better.

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