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re: LSU Arrests vs. SEC: (updated July 2013)

Mizzou=Thug U

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re: LSU Arrests vs. SEC: (updated July 2013)

wait a sec... miles lets his players run a muck. he is a loose coach without discipline. no way other schools have more arrests than LSU.

Looking at ours, only non high profile player is Jons. All others were popular players for whatever reason. seems like it goes hand in hand.

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re: LSU Arrests vs. SEC: (updated July 2013)


LSU Arrests vs. SEC: (updated July 2013)


After he's kicked off the team?

What the frick?

He was still under Miles control has said so by Miles himself. Just because he was put off the team doesn't excuse Miles and LSU, c'mon u serious?? Remember Tyrann Mathieu was tryin to work his way back to playin with the team next season. That agreement had def been reached with Miles, if anyone says otherwise they lyin their asses off. Mathieu was a student living on campus and still very connected to the program.

My question is why Miles was is still allowing former LSU players to come and hang around and get fricked up enticing other current players? And sell dope in the enviroment also?

No. Mathieu was not living on campus after he was dismissed, Socrates.

What is this "agreement" you speak of??? Miles never EVER said that Mathieu would be allowed to rejoin the football team the following year.

Your last paragraph was pretty entertaining. Ever thought of applying to Letterman or Leno?

Would not like to sit next to your stupid arse at Saints games.....

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re: LSU Arrests vs. SEC: (updated July 2013)

bump for rantards

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re: LSU Arrests vs. SEC: (updated July 2013)

Based of this post, the more arrests a team have the more successful they are.

See Miami Hurricanes - 1982-2003.....

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