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re: American horror story

Really enjoyed the first season. Liked the second even better tbh.

Season 3 gonna be live

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re: American horror story


Maybe this is who Kathy Bates plays...

I thought that, but the LaLaurie's were run out of the city in 1833.

The producers daid the show takes place in modern times.

Though that house is said to be cursed. Changed owners more than any other in the area. Sold for the lowest price per square foot in the quarter. Nic Cage only stayed in it a weekend then never slept there again. The week the IRS retook it was the crash of 2008.

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re: American horror story

Kathy Bates = rougarou

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re: American horror story

Was just reading about LaLaurie, damn.

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re: American horror story

I liked the story to the first season a lot, thought I felt like the ending could have been stronger

The 2nd season had a lot of potential, but there was too much going on

I still enjoyed both seasons and am really looking forward to the 3rd

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