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re: 21 pound speck

also look at the origial link. There is a black line all the way around the fish where it boarders the background. Definitly fakerized

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re: 21 pound speck


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re: 21 pound speck


I seent it.

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re: 21 pound speck

The pic in the OP is fake, but this is a real story involving a pending length world record 31" trout caught in Sebastian, FL. LINK

Also of note, this is a fairly new type of world record where the fish must be measured, photographed and released. The current record is 24.4", and that's not a world class trout. A 31" trout is, but I haven't seen a weight in any of the legit articles.

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re: 21 pound speck

That would be a chicken shite way to earn a record. She would be on my wall.

That area over there in Florida might just top the Texas coast for slabs(gator trout) Too bad we have gillnets over here in bama . It makes it more challenging  to catch big ones like other states.

Btw...31" trout , full of roe, is about 9-11 pounds...not quite a record fish. Longest ive got on wall is 30.5". She was caught july in Gulfshores with no roe in her and only weighed 7.25 pounds It was still a good morning biggest 10 weighed 54pound on topwater wade fishing.

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