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Who do we want to win this weekend?

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I'm taking this from the perspective that we are playing for the last WC spot and the Bears and Pack are already in. And I assume San Fran, NY Giants and Atlanta will also be in.

Obviously we need ot win vs. Atlanta. IMO if we can go 5-0 from here out and finish 10-6 we are almost a lock for the #6 seeds because I can't see any other teams going 10-6 except Seattle. I think we need to expect to go 9-7 at the best though. I'm just afraid 4 teams could be 9-7 and we would lose a tie breaker.

In order of importance/urgency:

NY Giants at Washington- Holy shite do we need the G-men to win this one. In fact, we need Washington to go 2-3 from here out and finish at 8-8. This could happen, but it isn't likely IMO.

Seattle at Chicago- Obviously we want Chicago to win. Seattle is one game ahead and I'm not sure what our tie breaker situation is with them. If they go 3-2, which isn't unlikely with their schedule, they will be 9-7.

Tampa Bay at Denver- We need Denver to beat them. Besides us, they probably don't lose another game after Denver. They will most likely be 9-7 at least and hopefully lose a tie breaker to us.

Philadelphia at Dallas- We would like Philly to rise up and beat the Cowboys. Very unlikely. Even without a loss this week though, I can see them losing at least one more game and us both being at 7 or 8 wins going into week 16 playing for a WC birth.

Minnesota at Green Bay- assuming Green Bay is already in, we want Minnesota to lose. Minnesota needs to go 3-2 to make it to 9-7 also. Their remaining schedule is brutal though.

San Fransisco at St. Louis- I don't think St. Louis has much of a shot. But just for the hell of it, we pull for the 49ers.

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re: Who do we want to win this weekend?

Wow. I totally started a thread just like this a week ago and no one even replied

There. Feel better?

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