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Those Were the Days- Mary Hopkin

Awesome song.


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re: Those Were the Days- Mary Hopkin
This is a cover of the original Russian version, "Dorogoi Dlinnoyu", from the 1920s:

From Wikipedia:


On Christmas 1975, the President of Equatorial Guinea, Francisco Macías Nguema, had 150 alleged coup plotters executed in the national stadium while a band played "Those Were the Days"

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re: Those Were the Days- Mary Hopkin

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This was my absolute favorite song until I was 8. Probably still in my top 5 when I was 10.

When I'd get bored while waiting for my dad to buy stuff at Sears or whatever - My parents would let me fill out various credit card applications because I LOVED forms.

Needless to say - "filling stuff out" soon continued at home until they had to put an end to the practice... Right around the 3rd time the 8-Track with this song on it turned up in our mail (along with Fleetwood Mac, Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton John, etc).

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re: Those Were the Days- Mary Hopkin
If I recall, she was on Apple Records label, and she was 'discovered' by Paul McCartney.

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re: Those Were the Days- Mary Hopkin
I haven't heard that since I was a wee lad !

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re: Those Were the Days- Mary Hopkin
That was a great song. I remember hearing it for the first time while I was on a HS senior trip to France as we drove to Normandy. It hit the States shortly after we got back.

Kafka, I did not know it was a cover of a Russian song, but I can certainly hear the influence.

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