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Foster for AJ Green?

My team starters:
Qb: Brady
Rb: CJ2k, Ryan Matthews
Wr: AJ Green, Reggie Wayne
OP: Matt Ryan
Te: Pettigrew

Bench: Amendola, Stevie J, Mendenhall, Jstew, Larod howling whatever his name is

AJ Green is #1 Wr but at 6-4 record my losses were because of lack of Rb points. I can replace green with whoever is the better play week to week with amendola and stevie J and then have rotate my Rb2 with Cj2k and Matthews.

PS keeper league, .5 ppr

Should I do it or offer up Reggie Wayne and possibly a bench player?

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re: Foster for AJ Green?
Good luck trying to get Foster with any WR.

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re: Foster for AJ Green?

Good luck trying to get Foster with any WR.

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re: Foster for AJ Green?
That is completely fair. In PPR leagues, Green is outscoring Foster. With .5 PPR, I would assume that Foster roughly has about 10 more points on the season.

However, I would rather own AJ in a keeper league, but that is personal preference. One for one is a very fair trade.

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re: Foster for AJ Green?
The frick does this guy have at RB and WR that he would give up Foster?

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