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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
saintsfan92612's summaries of this thread

Pages 1-50


Hooded Man=Theon reflection of himself
Hooded Man=Benjen
Hooded Man=Blackfish
Hooded Man=Harwin
Hooded Man=Jon
Hooded Man=Mance
Weirwood paste is people
Benjen is alive and fighting a shadow war
Benjen is dead
Benjen is undead and leading the Others
R+L=J and Howland Reed is the only one alive who knows
Varys also knows R+L=J somehow
Jon=Azor Ahai and Dany=Nissa Nissa
Jon=Azor Ahai and Arya=Nissa Nissa (not Lannister-esque love, tho)
Rhaegar=Azor Ahai, Lyana=Nissa Nissa, and Jon=Lightbringer
Ned= shite swordsman
Aegon=Blackfyre=Mummer's Dragon
Aegon=Illyrio's son
Jon will end up with Val at the end
Jon is alive, but it was Melisandre who had him killed so he would be reborn as AA
Jon is dead but will warg into other animals a la Orell
Brienne will allow Jamie to kill her so that Jamie can live (trial by combat)
Jaime will allow Brienne to kill him so that she can live
Pretty Merris=Brienne?
Jamie will kill Cersei
Sandor will kill Robert Strong
Arya will wreck shite with Nymeria and her pack in tow
Dany will sail East to attack Westeros from the West
Blackfish will reveal Sansa's true identity at her wedding and will reveal Littlefingers role in her fathers death
Rickon is running a crew of
3 Dragon Riders=Jon, Tyrion and Dany
3 Dragon Riders=Aegon, Tyrion, and Dany
Bran will warg into Jon's dragon
Lady Dustin is anti-stark
Lady Dustin is pro-stark and just putting on a front
Bloodraven is the person/thing training Bran
Bloodraven warged into the Raven at castle black to save Jon from the wight and helped get him elected Lord Snow
Bloodraven is evil as hell and training Bran to become the Great Other that Melisandre foresaw
Bran was the one who warged into the Raven that got Bran elected
The lone wolf dies but the pack survives=the remaining starks will be reunited soon
Tysha is alive in Braavos and has Tyrion's daughter
CottonwasKing has an acreboyish attraction to Arya
The Others and the Children are fighting in league with each other against the Andal invaders
Rhaegar was planning to overthrow his father during/after Robert's Rebellion
Euron traded his dragon egg to the faceless man to kill Balon Greyjoy
Ned Stark did not kill Arthur Dayne-hence his son being nicknamed Ned...
Who wrote the letter to Jon? Theon, Ramsey, Roose, Mance, Jon writing to Mance who is acting as Jon, the 1989 Denver Broncos?
Too many baby swaps for mortals to comprehend

Pages 50-84

Jaime gets his sword hand revived by Thoros; becomes a bad-ass duel wielder
Robb will be revived with Grey Wind's head...
Brienne is a descendent of Dunk
Hodor is a descendent of Dunk
Hodor is not a Dunk-kin, but he has Giant's blood
Nan was a wildling from beyond the wall-that's how she knows so much about the north
Nan and Dunk did a little wink wink nudge nudge
Gregor is headless
Gregor is a frankenstein with someone elses head
Gregor has Robb's head
Hooded Man=Hallis Mollen
Dany has the bloody flux and will die (Bluegrass' wish)
The wall will fall and the wildlings will flood the North (aren't they already on this side of the wall?)
Sam ends up as Maester of Nights Watch
Sam ends up as Maester in Kings Landing
Sam has the horn that can destroy the wall
Tons of speculation on who will rule what in the end
Sandor is the Valonqar-him killing Gregor causes Cersei's death
Sandor will beat Gregor but Cersei will escape somehow; Jaime will hunt her down and deliver the Kings justice
Littlefinger and Varys will ally to help Aegon
Littlefinger has the sword Blackfyre hidden in some tapestries
Jon=Night's King returned
Bran=Azor Ahai and will warg into a dragon (...ok)
R+L=J...but the R is Robert
Jaqen is in the Citadel and is trying to find out how to hatch the dragon egg he got from Euron

Pages 85-110

3 Queens=Margery, Cersei and Melisandre
Alleras was sent to Old Town by Doran to acquire dragon eggs for use in alliance with Dany
Alleras is just following Oberyn's footsteps and has no real plan
Alleras is investigating what the Maesters are up to...
The Maesters will side with the Others
Alleras isn't after a dragon egg but knowledge on how to train dragons which would be more useful to Dany...
Tarly will side with Aegon
Ser Barriston will die fighting the embodiment of Winter as no normal person left could defeat him
A lot of talk about a re-read thread...but it appears that thread died long ago
This thread is a lazy river that eventually runs into an 180ft waterfall on occasion
ASOIAF is a lazy river that eventually runs into a 180ft waterfall on occasion
Samwell's death will potentially be the most gut-wrenching in the series-can a man still be brave if he's afraid?
Something isn't IN Littlefinger's tapestries, but ON them
Bran will turn bad, but will redeem himself somehow
The Others=Creatures of the forest (...evolution? laying with giants?)
Brandon Stark received a letter from Lyana describing her and Rhaegars love but he either dismissed it as Rhaegar's writing or as a slap in the face to the Starks
Arya is the Volonqar-androgynous term (I so want Arya or Jamie to kill Cersei)
Varys lied to Aerys about Rhaegar's plotting to cause disruption in the seven kingdoms
Jon is a descendent of Bael the Bard
Jon is Arya's Nissa Nissa-Stick him with the pointy end
A dragon is sleeping beneath winterfell-source of warm water wells
There is a dragon egg near the wall that is white with red specks-referring to Jon's dragon?
There is a dragon inside the Wall and will wake when the horn blows and the wall falls fulfilling two prophecies/legends in one fell swoop

A whole lot of non-theorizing took place between those pages. A lot of talk of iluv dressed as Dany and some talk of Bluebell dressed as Melisandre or Ygritte...

Pages 110-135


Jon is a bizzaro AA-he will be armored in ice, riding an ice dragon, and armed with a dragonglass sword
Dragons will attack the impregnable Eyrie-Dany vs Sansa?
Arya comes across the Narrow Sea as a sellsword hired by Justin Massey for Stannis
Euron=Dusky Woman
Dusky Woman is working for Euron
Mance=Ser Arthur Dayne
Aegon=/=Aegon (another baby swap gone wrong?)
Darkstar did not fail to kill Myrcella, he only wanted to wound her
Wights=mindless snow zombies
Wights=controlled by Others and only attack certain people at certain times (is it even debatable that they aren't mindless?)
If Creatures of the Forest are not Others, then at the least the Others were created by the CotF
Stannis will die soon-will finally prove to Melisandre that Jon is without a doubt AA
Ser Ilyn knows a whole bunch of shite no one else does but can't read or write but will find some way to communicate a major plot point

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
Pages 135-162


The Tyrells will abandon Tommen for Aegon[perhaps opening the gates of KL] (135)
Argument over who is in better position btw Varys, Tyrion, and Petyr. (135-136)
Dany lands in the North-Tommen remains in power (136)
Dany lands in Dorne, Tommen and Myrcella are fricked (136)
Dany lands in the Iron Islands (136)
Little Finger will try to kill Rickon which will lead to Sansa killing LF (136)
The Stark crypt has ties to the Great Other (136)
Loras Tyrell is unharmed; Aurane Waters lies (136/142)
Arya's first faceless kill is using Varys to kill Kevan (136) wut
Sansa will fail to avenge her family; LF is too smart for her (136)
Good book suggestions for those who like ASOIAF (138)
Mel wrote Pink Letter; Jon and stannis unite to take North; Rickon shows up; Howland Reed shows up; Howland leads Jon to Lyanna's tomb and unveils either a hidden sword or hidden letter written by Ned (138)
Jeyne's mom was a maegi that used a potion on Robb to make him make bad decisions...(140)
End game is men vs Others (141)
Jon is ice (Stark) and Fire (Targ) and thus he is the end game (141)
End will result in 7 independent kingdoms again (141)
Arya will be the most badass faceless man if she learns to properly warg (142)
unCat will release Brienne and Jamie because she promised Brienne she would not stop her from going after Stannis when the time came (145)
Tyrion will end up as hand no matter who is the king (145)
Oberyn poisoned Tywin before Tyrion killed him (146)
Kevan poisoned Tywin (148)
Tysaha poisoned Tywin; Tysha is Shae? (148) [Crackpipe theory if I ever saw one]
Varys sister Serra married Ilyrio; proimised to restore Blackfyre to the throne (149)
Varys had Eddard executed, not LF (149)
FSU band played GOT intro music (150) -no link=theory
Bloodraven isn't evil, just loyal to the Targs (151)
By end of book 6, Aegon/Varys will hold KL, LF holds the North, Wall will fall, Dany will be led into a Varys trap (154)
Varys has glamoured himself to hide his purple eyes (155)
Varys is Bloodraven warged into a runaway unsullied (155) [more crackpipe]
Jamie and Cersei are Targ Bastards in detail (159)
Jorah becomes Lord Commander of the Night's Watch as per his father's dying wish; Jon returns Longclaw to its rightful owner (161)
Lady Dustin is pro-Stark in detail (161)
Mance wrote the pink letter with some details (162)

Pages 163-200


Loras will kill Tommen (164)
Margery will kill Tommen (164)
Loras isn't at Dragonstone, but heading towards Aegon to arrange a marriage with Margery (166)
Stannis will burn Ramsey to death (166)
Dany's betrayal for love will be Barriston joining Septa Lemore/Ashara Dayne (166)
Aegon may marry both Dany and Margery as the original Aegon the Conqueror had 2 wives as well (166)
Littlefinger will march North with the Vale and surrendered Riverlands army under the pretext of facing off against Stannis but will instead destroy the Freys and then reveal Sansa as the Queen in the North (166)
Ramsey was an Other the whole time and Tyrion is pregnant with Varys' evil twin's child (166) [and now ASOIAF is a soap]
Jon Connington will reveal that Varys was the one who had sewn dissent between Rhaegar and Aerys; Dany will attempt to kill him with Drogon's flames but the fire will not kill him revealing him as a Blackfyre (167)
Stannis will stab Selyse in front of Mel trying to prove he really is (169)
Aegon will be the last king of the Seven Kingdoms; will be aided by the Septa and Faith Militia (172)
Tyrion and the Second Sons will take Casterly Rock utilizing the drainage system (173)
Gendry may inherit Storm's end after Stannis' death? (173)
Varys riddle about the priest, king, and rich man is actually foreshadowing the three reasons people will love Aegon (175)
After Jon's death, the wildlings burn his body so he doesn't become an Other, but he doesn't burn in the flame, he is reborn as AA (177)
Valyrians never attacked Westeros because they feared the abilities of the wargs/CoTF possibly manipulating their dragons (188)
The COTF in a last ditch effort to drive back the Andals sailed to Valyria and attempted to warg into the dragons, but found them hard to control and led to the destruction of Valyria (188)
Jon is reborn as an Other to fulfill the House of the Undying prophecy of a "blue eyed king who cast no shadow raises a red sword in his hand" (189) [I thought it was an obvious reference to Stannis]
The House of the Undying prophecy about the beautiful woman being ravished by 4 dwarves refers to the 4 kings [Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister/Baratheon, Stark] destroying the realm of Westeros (190)
The House of the Undying prophecy about the corpse on the ship with bright eyes and a grey smile refers to either Victarion, Theon, or Euron (190)
The HotU prophecy about the great stone beast rising from a smoking tower refers to either Jon Snow or Jon Connington (190)
The HotU prophecy about the 4 dwarves and the woman refer to the manipulators [Tyrion, Ilyrio, Varys, and Littlefinger] (190)
Stannis is the Anti-AA. His actions open the door for an Other invasion, not prevent it. (191)
Stannis dies trying to kill Melisandre after she reveals that Jon is AA, not him (192)
Tywin is one of the orchestrators of the Purple Wedding. He used it as a way to get rid of Tyrion without resorting to kinslaying and got rid of Joffrey who needed a "sharp lesson". The aftermath would have left an easily manipulated Tommen on the throne (192)
Stannis isn't actually honorable at all. He is being controlled by a darkness that every honorable character is leery of. He will do anything to win regardless of whether his actions are honorable (192)
Stannis tried being honorable but got crapped on by life-shunned twice by Robert[Storm's End and King's Hand], ill wife, greyscale daughter, etc so he gave up on being honorable (192)
Littlefinger intercepted a letter from Lyana to her family that explained her love and intent to marry Rhaegar and spread rumors of Rhaegar kidnapping her. Brandon's death=Unwed Cat and a chance for him to marry her. [Basically he started 2 wars for Cat now ](194)
Others are actually the good guys (194)
The mother of Tyrion, Dany, and Jon Snow all died while giving birth to them. Coincidence or Destiny? (195)

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
Pages 201-273


Jon, Dany, etc will drive the others back and save Westeros...but then Jon dies(again), Dany has a kid and dies in childbirth, final scene is a description of the baby's eyes-one purple, one pale blue (207)
Arya will kill Robert Strong (207) [who won't Arya kill?]
Jaime is bizzaro Eddard; neither are very ambitious but are almost polar opposites in every way + description about Jaime's honor (207, 208, and 216)
Jon will warg into Ghost and not regain human form (209)
Jon will only temporarily warg into Ghost, until he is reborn as AA (210)
Jon will become a lycan able to transform into a wolf at anytime [...what] (209)
Theon is AA! (209)
Theon has king's blood since his father claimed to be king...could lead to something (210)
Theon becomes Jaime's right hand and wields Lightbringer (210) [...I don't even]
Theon will definitely redeem himself to his "real" family before he dies (210)
Argument about whether Theon is selfish and undeserving of redemption or a very pitiable character that deserves some redemption (211-213)
Brans first Green Dream in GOT featured Sandor, the Red Viper, and Gregor...except Gregor was headless (214)
The skull sent to Dorne wasn't Gregor's but actually Mag the Mighty's which Jon sent to King's Landing after the first wildling assault (214)
Sansa will poison Littlefinger once she pieces together that he betrayed Ned (215)
Tyrion survives dragons, greyscale, war, a slash to face, etc, but will die in the last chapter when he is murdered by a whore (215)
Ramsey sacked Winterfell without any outside input because he wanted to appease his dad (216)
Ramsey is bizarro Jon Snow (216)
Littlefinger is an agent of the Iron Bank (218, 220)
Littlefingers ambitions are argues some more (218)
My first post in the thread...a monumental occasion (218)
Hotah is going to ax rape Darkstar (219)
OMLandshark's breakdown of the final alliances iho (219)
Arya kills every Lannister, Frey, Bolton, Pycelle, Littlefinger, and Varys (219) [seriously, who doesn't she kill?]
Littlefinger represents America! (220)
Darkstar is the bastard of Ashara Dayne and King Aerys (221) [repeat?]
Benjen returns leading the others (222) [repeat?]
Coldhands is the Night King and possibly Bran the Builder (222)
Ned Stark's mother is never really Ned reverse Jesus? (223)
LoveThatMoney will write a book about Sothoros (224)
A Stark must always be in Winterfell to combat the Night King should he ever return (224)
Coldhands is not the Night King but the Night King's son. The Night King sexed up an Other (225)
Winter will save the 7 Kingdoms somehow (225) [yeah, it could unite the remaining houses once the actual threat is realized]
CoTF were responsible for the Other's leaving the lands of always winter. Because of this, they felt guilty and gifted the yearly supplies of Dragonglass to the First Men and eventually the Nights Watch. (225-226)
Bloodraven isn't evil, just misunderstood. Similar to the popular accounts of Tyrion being evil and Jaime having no shred of honor. (226)
Kashonly is an idiot (various pages)
Valyria = Atlantis or Pompeii (various pages)
Reeds= interbreeding between CoTF and the First Men; Starks have CoTF inbreeding in their bloodline as well (228-229)
More Jojen is Howland (230)
Benjen knows R+L=J and will reveal it...somehow (231)
Lord Manerly's pie is people! (231) [no shit, Sherlock]
When winter comes, Stark's have the ability to rise from the crypt of Winterfell to fight the Others...Ned or Lyanna reveals R+L=J (231)
Stark's can't rise from the crypt every winter or people would remember, but perhaps there is a failsafe in the wall that if it falls, the Starks can rise from the crypt (232)
Only a Stark can lead an Other through the Wall-The Night King took an Other woman to the Nightfort south of the Wall. Benjen or Bran? (233)
GRRM is on Tigerdroppings and his recent lack of productivity is due to him being distracted by the other boards on here (234)
Melisandre is the daughter of Bloodraven or Bittersteel and Shiera (236)
Jon will have visionary powers after being reborn as AA, perhaps he will see his parents "in the flames" (240)
unCat learns that R+L=J when the Bw/oB bumps in to Howland Reed or stumbles upon Greywater Watch (241)
The snowmen that Theon observes represent Lord Manderly, Lord Stout, Lady Dustin, and Lord Umber-could be foreshadowing them as Stark Supporters or as Jon Snows future bannermen (249)
Shelly=GRRM (250)
Serella is Alleras the Sphinx in detail (251)
Will a snowstorm weaken a dragons fire more than the rainstorm that weakened Balerions flame during the original conquering? (252)
In The Ice Dragon by GRRM, [SPOILERS] an Ice Dragon defeats 3 fire breathing dragons but dies in the fight...hmm (253)
Desmond Grell and Robin Ryger are headed to the Night's Watch with info from Edmure and possibly Blackfish-could they be telling Jon that he is Robb's named heir? (253)
Hodor! (253 and various pages)
The dragons at Dragonstone were afflicted with Greyscale. Perhaps AA has the ability to cure greyscale. (254)
Greyscale is an invention of the Citadel/Maester's to rid the world of dragons. This would explain why it is really only prevalent near Valyria and Dragonstone. (254)
Meeren and Jon were twins of R+L; Howland took one and Ned took one (254) [Star Wars]
Shelly's list of Northern Lords (255)
The faceless men are more involved in the seven kingdoms, perhaps they had a hand in starting the turmoil (256)
Hodor is a faceless man! (257)
Hodor is some kind of ancient special word (257)
Jon comes back as a super other; prophesied in the House of the Undying (257)
Shelly is either AA or an Other (259)
Rickon will be/is bat shite crazy (260)
A greyscale plague sweeps the land, everyone dies. the end (261)
Comet out of nowhere kills everyone. The end (261)
Viserys wakes up after a long dream and says "you have awoken the dragon" the end (261)
Coldhands is one of the 79 sentinels that were buried in the wall after they were captured as deserters of the Nights Watch (261)
Coldhands is Lord Ryswell who was a father of one of the 79 Sentinels who joined the Nights Watch to be closer to his son (262)
The last book ends with Jon's dying words telling Arya to head she heads to the land of Always Winter and sees Han Solo cutting open a Tauntaun...the end! (263)
Others are the Daleks of ASOIAF [EXTERMINATE!] (263)
Starks make a blood sacrifice to keep Other's away and to end especially long winters (264)
Theon will be sacrificed to resurrect Jon; [possibly regarding needing King's blood to raise a dragon/targ] (264)
Links to Dunk and Egg Novellas (265 and 266)
My first post recapping theories (266)
Hodor=Azor Ahai (266)
The others have a grand plan with Jon and Bran in mind [ie not mindless] (267)
Is the Blackfish gay [notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat] discussion (267+)
Loras and Blackfish become the first LGBT rulers after they get married (267)
Loras poisoned Joffrey for infringing on his rights for gay equality (268)
Blackfish posts on the Soccer Board (269)
Descriptions of the various mystical Horns (270)
List and description of the Valyrian steel blades (270)
People will only find out R+L=J when Jon is dead for good (272)
Thoros will revive Robb w/ Greywinds head [repeat?] (273)

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
Pages 274-298


Either Brienne dies protecting Jaime or they both die together; Maybe UnCat has him resurrected and his right hand is somewhat restored as well somehow...and he kills Cersei (274)
Detailed recap of Euron and Jaqen's dealings (274)
What did Euron's crew see that needed to be kept secret so bad that he cut the tongues off of all his crew? Did Euron have a really nasty salt wife? was it Fight Club? Or was it the dragon egg trade to kill Balon? (274)
Euron hired a faceless man who knocked Balon off a bridge and into the sea...since the trade was a life for the dragon egg; essentially Euron threw the egg into the sea as he said (275)
More Talk of Mance=Ser Arthur Dayne (276 and 279)
Ashara Dayne is still alive and perhaps has/had a role in the R+L=J cover-up (275)
Brandon Stark + Ashara Dayne = Darkstar (275)
After ToJ, Ned arrived at Starfell with Jon. While there, he slept with Ashara while comforting her over the death of Arthur-this would help explain Ned Dayne + the fact that Wylla was both Jon and Ned's milk mother. (276)
Dany's dragons are lightbringer, Drogo was Nissa Nissa, Dany was reborn in the flames under the bleeding star, and she drew from the fire a weapon to be used against the others. Dany is AA (276)
Mance is Dayne but also a faceless man. This would explain why no one in Winterfell recognized such a famous person (277)
Everyone is a faceless man (277)
CarsonRN + BluegrassBelle = Jon Snow (277)
The last person standing will be Hot Pie astride a giant Bread Dragon (277)
Euron's eye patch is hiding a purple eye (278)
Arya wargs into Drogon, destroys King's Landing and Casterly Rock, then eats Dany, then torches the others (280) [she seriously kills everyone in theory]
Hot Pie is R'llhor and Cold Pie is the Great Other (280)
Maybe Jojen is so in touch with his Green Dreams that he can communicate with the dead as well as he can the living-Howland is dead (280)
Howland Reed=Jojen theory (281)
A crannog is an artificial island found in Scotland or Ireland...Greywater Watch is an artificial island (282)
Crannogmen are cajuns (282)
3 Dragons are 3 titles for the same person (Lord Commander, King in the North, King of the Iron Throne) (282)
Jaime = AA (282)
Beric = AA...the end (282)
Varys has king's blood-his junk was used by a red god worshipper (283)
No, some God just wanted some nuts (283)
Why would Tyrion sleep with Shae if he hated whores so much unless Shae was a spy the whole time (284)
Tywin was the hand that had the passageways built to Chatayaya's (284)
The 7 represent the Starks: Ned=Father, Cat=Mother, etc (285)
The 7 represent characters but not just Starks: Jaime=Knight, Brienne=Maiden, Smith=Gendry (285)
Pale Mare=bloody flux, Kraken and dark flame=Victarion and red priest, Lion and Griffin=Tyrion and Connington, Sun's son=Quentyn Martell, Mummer's Dragon=Aegon, and Perfumed Seneschal=Hizdarh zo Loraq (285)
Perfumed Senschal=the boat Salaesari Qhoran (286)
Perfumed Seneschal=Varys (291)
List of Mystical beasts of Westeros (287)
Coldhands was a wight that Bloodraven warged into (288)
R+L=J proven with Ned's thoughts? (288)
Coldhands was a warg who died and warged into an Other/wight (288)
Jeyne's grandma was Maggie the Frog (290)
Jon is Dragonborn! (291)
Varys was born infertile and so he volunteered his junk as a way to keep the Blackfyre name alive somehow (291)
Final Epilogue will feature a current young character as a very old person telling a story to some young children (292)
The old person is Rickon...therefore Rickon=Smith (creates the story) and the 7 really are the Starks (292)
Varys was castrated by a Targ ritual (292)
Varys is a staunch Targ supporter who supports the best ruler for the realm (supported Rhaegar over Aerys and Aegon over Dany) (292)
Varys only told Aerys about Rhaegars plotting to get him to leave the Red Keep for the first time in 5 years and thus confirming to the world his craziness and unfitness to rule. (292)
The complete Blackfyre Theory in detail (292)
Littlefinger will win the Game of Thrones (292)
Hugo thinks one or all the dragons will die (296)
Ash Williams feels that at least one of the dragon's riders will die as well (296)
Maybe a missing Valyrian sword is in the Iron Throne (296)
Obsidian candles=candles in Hocus Pocus. If they are lit, magic shite can happen (297)
The weirwood trees will come alive somehow but hopefully not LOTR style (298)
Everybody hates Mereen/Dany (various pages)

saintsfan92612's summaries of this thread

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

:stunned silence:

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
I just gave this thread its first upvote!

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

saintsfan92612's summaries of this thread

He better get a Droppie for this

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

I just gave this thread its first upvote!
i just centered its chi

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

I just gave this thread its first upvote!

Me too. This one will likely stay at the top for a while I'd guess.

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the less major houses for a bit. I'll start withe the Florents.

Anybody see any significant role for house Florent in the upcoming books? They seem to have been pretty loyal to Stannis (of course h is married to one of them). Also, they seem not to like the Tyrells much at all. And they have a marriage tie to Tarly I think though he's been on a different side then them. Also I think some of them have been making marriage ties with daughters of some of the more notable free folk/wildmen.

Aside from the Florents, are there any other minor or mid level houses you anticipate seeing or hope to see having a significant part to play from here on out?

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

My plan is to reread the series pretty soon, because it's so intricate that I think it would be like reading it for the first time.

It is close. There are some details I had forgotten, and some things you might have passed over quickly the first time through just stick out like a sore thumb. I read GoT so quickly that it seemed like Ned died very early on in the book. Well I'm about 40% through with GoT on my reread, and he's still alive and well. And there are some things that foreshadow things to come I didn't see the first time through.

I spent about 6 months last year reading the entire series. Started in March and read them all pretty much back to back. Some I had to wait a week or two before I could check them out from the library to my Kindle. I should have just bought them all to start with. They only give you 3 weeks before the rental is up, so I'd be about 60% through with one, it would expire, then I'd go buy it to finish it.

Took some time off and have been reading another series, and got to a stopping point on that so I went back to reread this series. It may be even better the 2nd time around. I figure I have some time before the next one will come out so why not a refresher.

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
Shelly needs to get in here and repost her Northern Conspiracy spreadsheet with all the minor houses being players

I'll see if I can find it.

ETA: got it
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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
my problem is on my first read through, i read them all in 2.5 weeks so for a while i blurred when things happened and where

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

saintsfan92612's summaries of this thread

And to think he was a Hodor until just last summer.

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
Shelly's Northern Conspiracy Breakdown


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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS
So what do these upvote/downvote things mean? And are they anonymous?

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

CarsonRN + BluegrassBelle = Jon Snow (277)

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

So what do these upvote/downvote things mean?

nothing as of now.


And are they anonymous?

yes, as of now.

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

my problem is on my first read through, i read them all in 2.5 weeks so for a while i blurred when things happened and where

When did you eat sleep and shit? I know you didn't do anything else besides that if you finishes the series in 2.5 weeks. Takes me about a month to finish a book. I just read in bed at night. After dinner, taking care of my daughter, the dogs, and a bunch of other crap around the house. Maybe an hour or two before I go to sleep.

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re: Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

And are they anonymous

Nothing is anonymous to Chicken and his henchmen.

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