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What is your favorite Spinal Tap song?

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JumpingTheShark Saints fan2012/5 11:30 pm
by Poncho

What is the 2nd best album of 2014?

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SirWinston LSU fan2012/5 9:55 pm
by GreatLakesTiger24

Bobby Keys

GarmischTiger LSU fan612/5 8:37 pm
by nc14

What does everyone think of "The new basement tapes"?

barry Cincy fan512/5 6:59 pm
by CocoLoco

The Next Missy Elliot

beatlesdude Georgia fan112/5 5:43 pm
by Breadstick Gun

Your favorite guitar sounds (example)

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Forkbeard3777 Michigan fan4012/5 5:04 pm
by MrCoachKlein

Lil Wayne is pissed at Cash Money Records.

DBeaux225 Pelicans fan1712/5 2:18 pm
by thermal9221

Mad Season vs. Temple of the Dog: Which is the better super group release?

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saint amant steve LSU fan2212/5 1:32 pm
by Sayre

The MF DOOM thread

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CaptainPanic USoA fan4612/5 12:59 pm
by S

You think Rebecca Black was the worst thing you've ever heard?

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Kracka UNC fan2012/5 12:07 pm
by lsu2006

I had the best concert moment of my life last night

Latarian Arkansas fan712/5 11:44 am
by Latarian

D. D Dumbo

CSCerky LSU fan312/5 11:17 am
by CSCerky

Webbie - Money good released 11/27

Duckie LSU fan412/5 10:51 am
by TigerRagAndrew

Help me find similar artists to Anders Osborne

(Page 1 2)
Hat Tricks LSU fan3412/5 6:06 am
by heypaul

The entire Fillmore East (ABB) concert available on Spotify

HempHead Alabama fan312/4 10:45 pm
by ItzMe1972

MB guitar players: what's your electric guitar setup?

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Art Vandelay LSU fan3512/4 4:17 pm
by Art Vandelay

Latest Hit

TexasTiger34 LSU fan612/4 3:43 pm
by StickyFingaz

Vintage Record Players - Want to Replace Components

DonChowder LSU fan712/4 3:37 pm
by SUB

The Official: Ask RebelGator anything about music Thread-No jamblands plz

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Spaulding Smails Clemson fan5312/4 2:31 pm
by Motorboat

From the Lecrae mold, Canon drops Loose Canon Vol. 2

Drewbie Arkansas fan312/4 12:34 pm
by Drewbie

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