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Music Board's Top 20 Albums, RESULTS

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Baloo LSU fan242/25 7:57 am
by Funky Tide 8

Iron City in BHam

Jordanreid2000 Pelicans fan82/27 11:29 am
by Funky Tide 8

Jimmy Buffett @ The Wharf 4/24/2015

CaptainPanic Southern fan22/27 11:21 am
by CaptainPanic

Official 2015 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival thread-JRAD announce 2nd sho

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HeadyBrosevelt Hawaii fan7182/27 11:14 am
by CaptainPanic

Your Top 5 Fleetwood Mac Songs

(Page 1 2 3)
SystemsGo422/27 11:00 am
by Kayhill Brown

Aaron Watson - Texas Country Indie Underdog to Country Charts Top Dog

Hat Tricks LSU fan32/27 10:55 am
by Neako27blitzz

Any fans of The Roots?

S42/27 10:46 am
by SystemsGo

Best concert you ever attended?

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NatalbanyTigerFan LSU fan652/27 10:43 am
by timbo

What does the MB think of David Byrne? Musical genius?

weagle99132/27 10:37 am
by AlxTgr

Any country fans know who Frank Foster is?

AUTigermitch1995 Auburn fan132/27 10:20 am
by Hat Tricks

Best/favorite Aerosmith song?

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TIGRLEE LSU fan402/27 10:20 am
by Chitter Chatter

Suggest a Pandora station for 50s/60s themed cocktail party or band suggestions?

CAD703X Toledo fan122/27 10:14 am
by CAD703X

Great tunes that close out an album

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river_man LSU fan562/27 10:14 am
by Chitter Chatter

Is Teenage Dream by Katy Perry the best pop song of the last 10 years?

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BowlJackson Auburn fan402/27 9:57 am
by SystemsGo

Name a band with a person's name in it, but that name is of no one in band

(Page 1 2)
headboard banger LSU fan292/27 9:41 am
by 225bred

50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack

Paedin ULL fan52/27 8:51 am
by hogfly

Post an amazing song from a criminally unknown band

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CAD703X Toledo fan262/26 10:50 pm

Wil blades @ chelseas 2/27

rutiger Rutgers fan22/26 9:36 pm
by rutiger

Jonny Lang....what to expect.

MudEngineer318 LSU fan52/26 7:46 pm
by weagle99

Is Bob Dylan worth seeing at his age?

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Tyler9258 LSU fan272/26 5:58 pm
by cgrand

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