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blink-182 part ways with Tom Delonge... again.

Broski USA fan61/27 12:38 am
by SEClint

so the "stay with me" song was a rip off of Tom petty?

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Tiger Ryno USA fan231/27 12:27 am
by Ace Midnight

This french march defines "epic"

1234567VFL Tennessee fan11/27 12:23 am
by 1234567VFL

Which do you like better, Beatles or the Stones?

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CrimsonFever Alabama fan631/27 12:23 am
by 1234567VFL

Awolnation new song "Hollow Moon"

Big_Cock_Fan SouthCarolina fan21/27 12:11 am
by Cockopotamus

listened to Marquee Moon by Television for the 1st time last night

Dr._Jimes_Tooper Tennessee fan101/27 12:07 am
by ballscaster

Biggest loss to music (early deaths)

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CAD703X Toledo fan1231/27 12:03 am
by 1234567VFL

Take This to Your Grave is a fantastic album.

Brettesaurus Rex Saints fan31/26 11:28 pm
by Jet12

Jodeci is back

Statsattack Miami(FL) fan01/26 11:16 pm
by Statsattack

Elbow--who else is a fan?

lsufan9193969700 LSU fan51/26 11:10 pm
by BigOrangeBri

Grateful Dead + Hornsby and Anastasio in Chicago

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ThePenIsMightier LSU fan1231/26 10:23 pm
by CheeseburgerEddie

is hiphop or rap really music?

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Kashmir Alabama fan471/26 10:16 pm
by BigOrangeBri

Awkward Hipster Alert. Sufjan Stevens May 9 at The Saenger.

Lsupimp LSU fan41/26 10:04 pm
by The Seaward

Official 2015 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival thread- JRAD announced

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HeadyBrosevelt Hawaii fan6101/26 10:01 pm
by PearlsLSU

What are YOU listening to?

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Dandy Lion Georgia fan23091/26 9:42 pm
by 12Pence

System of a Down Live

TheIndulger LSU fan31/26 9:38 pm
by TheIndulger

You must make a Diabolical Musical Choice.

Lsupimp LSU fan71/26 9:24 pm
by JumpingTheShark

Radiators - Monday

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PaBon LSU fan291/26 8:49 pm
by MondayMorningMarch

Listening to Hendrix on pandora and the album cover struck me wrong.

Remote Controlled101/26 8:20 pm
by MrBobDobalina

YMSB Harvest Festival merges with Phases of the Moon

hogfly Arkansas fan31/26 8:06 pm
by Hubbhogg

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