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Don't forget half of pizza tomorrow

NorthshoreTiger76 Pelicans fan131/18 11:33 pm
by ToulatownTiger

honestly what keeps Monty around?

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tigerbait1.6 LSU fan201/18 10:45 pm
by Upperdecker

Raptors 93 vs. Pels 95 | F | PTAO

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quail man Pelicans fan1821/18 7:00 pm
by darryljames30

Who are some realistic options for a new head coach?

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pelicansfan LSU fan261/18 6:16 pm
by Lester Earl

Rename this board the Pelicans Rant and be done with it

Galactic Inquisitor LSU fan181/18 5:43 pm
by Galactic Inquisitor

great win

IPlayedGreatTonight LSU fan51/18 5:29 pm
by Smedium27

Fire Monty

oVo Pelicans fan21/18 5:24 pm
by Upperdecker

ESPN Trade Idea: Pelicans get Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson

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Spitting Venom USA fan621/18 3:51 pm
by eyeran

Probably why everybody hates Monty

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NOLAbaby Pelicans fan301/18 2:16 pm
by chRxis

Daddy already playing Austin Rivers

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kysportsman Kentucky fan301/18 12:10 pm
by SirWinston

Can't wait till we start playing those weak east teams

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NorthshoreTiger76 Pelicans fan241/18 8:05 am
by corndeaux

4 minutes of great after timeout sets by the Hawks

Swank Pelicans fan81/18 6:25 am
by jmcwhrter

Anthony Davis and his time left here

JS87 Saints fan91/17 11:30 pm
by urinetrouble

Since we have no pick and won't be making the playoffs do we resign Asik?

NorthshoreTiger76 Pelicans fan141/17 9:50 pm
by Mr.Perfect

New Orleans Pelicans Issues Go Beyond Monty Williams

TigerinATL Pelicans fan181/17 8:44 pm
by TigerinATL

Last Night Did Two Things To Me

VOR Pelicans fan131/17 7:12 pm
by HeadyBrosevelt

The Johnny Jones Should We Thread

oncealurker Saints fan51/17 2:54 pm
by CaptainPanic

Who are you people??

chesty USA fan151/17 1:42 pm
by WhoDatPelican596

The Cavs lost nearly every game Lebron sat out this season

NOLAbaby Pelicans fan111/17 1:27 pm
by drake20

What was Wesley saying during the game?

Patron Saint USA fan61/17 12:38 pm
by TigerinATL

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