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Anthony Davis has ZERO Chance Of Winning MVP

tzimme4 LSU fan1510/30 8:40 am
by rondo

Pelicans Talk check-in thread | Lurkers report!

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VermilionTiger Pelicans fan6410/30 8:36 am
by Sorrento Muddbugs

If Gordon opts out...

LSUtoTulaneLaw1510/30 8:22 am
by LosLobos111

True/False...Monty should be fired at the end of the year

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Hammond Tiger Fan ArizonaState fan3510/30 12:06 am
by Cracking

Pelibretheren: best place to buy single game tickets for Saturday's game?

The Pirate King TexasTech fan610/29 9:33 pm
by BehindtheWoodshed

Most impressive play from last night's game?

The Pirate King TexasTech fan1510/29 9:06 pm
by Galactic Inquisitor

Ban bet: Anthony Davis will score 30 pts or more in first game

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HeadyBrosevelt Hawaii fan6810/29 8:21 pm
by tunechi

Just upgraded to Section 109!

xxKylexx LSU fan510/29 7:53 pm
by Galactic Inquisitor

Joel and Wesley were great tonight

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quail man Pelicans fan2310/29 7:52 pm
by Overbrook

Pels love on SVP and Rusillo

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Athletix Pelicans fan4410/29 7:40 pm
by Overbrook

how was crowd last night?

LSUMJ LSU fan1510/29 7:25 pm
by Cogsworth

Did anyone see AD's PER for game 1?

htran90 Saints fan910/29 6:20 pm
by GynoSandberg

Will Dwight come close to what AD just did?

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htran90 Saints fan12610/29 6:08 pm
by TotesMcGotes

Omer Asik Appreciation Thread

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TigerinATL Pelicans fan6210/29 5:16 pm
by Scrowe

Who else loved the terrible cooking skit?

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DBeaux225 Pelicans fan2010/29 3:42 pm
by TheJruth

Question about declining a players option

Tigerfan_95 LSU fan310/29 2:47 pm
by Fun Bunch

NegaPel time: What was negative about last night?

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Fun Bunch Saints fan2010/29 2:31 pm
by ThePistol

We're a bench scorer away from being really fricking good

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Broski USA fan3310/29 1:36 pm
by Broski

What were the thoughts on the offensive sets last night?

quail man Pelicans fan410/29 1:34 pm
by corndeaux

Soooo....our bench looks pretty terrible

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danman6336 Duke fan9510/29 12:28 pm
by unibrownation

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