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Not going to happen

BBJ LSU fan33/6 10:58 pm
by Smedium27

McNamara calls out Pelicans Talk

Aced ULL fan143/6 10:56 pm
by Smedium27

Pelicans just lost to another team that's tanking

MrPel143/6 10:36 pm
by MrPel

can you imagine how good we would be with a real coach?

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fightingtiger2335 SLU fan243/6 10:21 pm
by TotesMcGotes

Pels less vs Celtics more ; FINAL

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THRILLHO Pelicans fan2343/6 9:46 pm
by quail man

It's like they don't even know what they're playing fkr

death valley driver Duke fan33/6 9:40 pm
by Simon

Pelicans vs. Celtics Prediction Thread

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quail man Pelicans fan213/6 9:01 pm
by Fat Bastard

Tyreke > Westbrook

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TigerinATL Pelicans fan233/6 8:46 pm
by NorthshoreTiger76

Ryno & Jrue injuries?

billyholawboy SouthernMiss fan33/6 6:23 pm
by TigerinATL

What is this Board's Obsession with Cole?

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TheSexecutioner Gonzaga fan713/6 5:30 pm
by sma19

Comments from Monty on the leadership impact of QPon/Cole

TigerinATL Pelicans fan133/6 3:38 pm
by whoknows1390

NY Times article on Benson and the legal battles

quail man Pelicans fan03/6 2:12 pm
by quail man

Official playoff chase ... Games to watch this weekend

lsutigers23 LSU fan73/6 1:49 pm
by TigerinATL

Asik played a big role in that EG 3 near the end

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LosLobos111 Pelicans fan653/6 11:07 am
by corndeaux

Looking at the Remainder of Schedule

VOR Pelicans fan73/6 10:58 am
by quail man

Possible 2007 8 vs 1 upset Redo???

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Bonck1987 LSU fan203/6 10:54 am
by Bonck1987

Avery Johnson

branchstephens TCU fan43/6 10:10 am
by branchstephens

Playoff Standings in the West. UPDATED 3/5/15

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fightingtigers98 Pelicans fan543/6 8:40 am
by cgrand

New pels commercial

chesty USA fan163/6 8:37 am
by GeauxColonels

We play the Warriors 2 more times this year

MrPel43/6 8:12 am
by MrPel

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