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when do you think Anthony Davis will return?

PrideofTheSEC LSU fan161/29 3:36 pm
by sainttrain713

Anthony Davis has Grade 1 Abductor Strain

Fearthehat0307 Pelicans fan191/29 2:48 pm
by mm2316

Ryan Anderson.. wtf

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FlappingPierre Pelicans fan371/29 2:46 pm
by Smedium27

This board sucks

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Lambchops11 Pelicans fan491/29 2:33 pm
by ShamelessPel

predict our next 3 games..

chesty USA fan81/29 2:32 pm
by Smedium27

Tom Thibodeau "on the hotseat"

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Fun Bunch Pelicans fan591/29 12:37 pm
by whoknows1390

Tickets for Monday Feb 2 needed...

CoeJ ULL fan91/29 11:30 am
by chesty

AD to undergo MRI

touchdownjeebus LSU fan161/29 11:00 am
by Galactic Inquisitor

need 2 tix for tommorows game

asmiley1025 LSU fan51/29 10:54 am
by chesty

Benson's daughter and grandkids requesting a competency ruling on Tom

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Galactic Inquisitor LSU fan771/29 10:49 am
by craig8sm

If you live in Nola area and didn't go to the game tonight what is your excuse?

DollaChoppa NCstate fan161/29 10:49 am
by REG861

Trade Idea Thread

PokerChamp21 Saints fan191/29 8:53 am
by PokerChamp21

13-8 against teams under 500

NorthshoreTiger76 Pelicans fan21/29 8:11 am
by Nissanmaxima

My boy Nurkic owned Asik tonight

SuperSoakher Saints fan31/29 7:51 am
by TeddyPadillac

Pels vs. Clippers Tickets for Sale - Friday 1/30/15

make it rain91/29 7:42 am
by VOR

AD helped to locker room, grimacing in pain update: he's back

Fun Bunch Pelicans fan141/29 12:40 am
by Ryan3232

My first Pels game

JohnMcCain1936 Saints fan41/28 11:47 pm
by JohnMcCain1936

Monty sucked me in

NorthshoreTiger76 Pelicans fan51/28 11:39 pm
by drake20

Williams needs to be fired

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Corn Dawg Nation OhioState fan241/28 10:13 pm
by Upperdecker

What offensive philosophy does Monty run?

JS87 Saints fan71/28 10:11 pm
by Upperdecker

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