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How is that not a penalty on Steve Smith? WTF WTF WTF

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DollaChoppa NCstate fan2711/24 9:54 pm
by motorbreath


Brettesaurus Rex Saints fan1311/24 9:53 pm
by Rickety Cricket

Drew Brees

SonOfAGun Saints fan211/24 9:52 pm
by Jake88

Brees killed any momentum we had

tjtiger9 LSU fan211/24 9:51 pm
by TechDawg2007

Where's the Graham hate?

ShamelessPel Pelicans fan611/24 9:49 pm
by boom roasted

streif stinks, stinchcomb was better

johnpayne111/24 9:48 pm
by ruzil

Number 64 is eligible

9Fiddy TCU fan111/24 9:47 pm
by ruzil

F This TEam

pmacneworleans011/24 9:47 pm
by pmacneworleans

Phew, glad Brees could get that out of his system

DollaChoppa NCstate fan1211/24 9:47 pm
by euquol

Dome emptied quick.

BAYOUBUCKEYE Saints fan211/24 9:47 pm
by tigerinthebueche

Rewind and watch

1609tiger211/24 9:46 pm
by Hoodoo Man

They should subtract interception yards from passing yards

fleaux LSU fan111/24 9:45 pm
by DollaChoppa

Refs have flipped sides

VA LSU fan Saints fan311/24 9:43 pm

It's my fault....

TechDawg2007 Saints fan211/24 9:43 pm
by Chad504boy

Saints are like 9 plays away from being up 24-0

Chad504boy Saints fan511/24 9:41 pm
by denvertiger

Sweep the leg

Dale Doubak LSU fan211/24 9:40 pm
by emanresu

Steve Smith wil always be a POS and my most hated player in the NFL

Northwestern tiger Saints fan1111/24 9:40 pm
by redfish99

Seal Brees you idiot

PortCityTiger24 Pelicans fan211/24 9:40 pm
by tjtiger9

Right on Cue Brees

dcrews UNO fan411/24 9:40 pm
by johnpayne

are you fuking kidding me???

Dr. Morgus LSU fan311/24 9:38 pm
by Dr. Morgus

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