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What is the Brees TD Streak?

Guido Merkens LSU fan212/28 2:57 pm
by Sentrius

Bucs tanked right there, literally.

JS87 Saints fan712/28 2:55 pm
by Jwho77

Of course we win this damn game!!!!!!!!!

infantry1026 Saints fan212/28 2:53 pm
by damnedoldtigah

We still have life!!!!

TheBob Oregon fan212/28 2:53 pm
by BigDawg0420

Buc's Quit

BIG CAT LSU fan712/28 2:51 pm

here is to Jr not getting his sack bonus

RaginCajunsULL Saints fan1612/28 2:51 pm
by 337Tigah

Why were Saints better on road than at home

tigerskin LSU fan012/28 2:51 pm
by tigerskin


DeathValley85 LSU fan012/28 2:50 pm
by DeathValley85


BIG CAT LSU fan212/28 2:50 pm
by stniaSxuaeG

This team cant do anything right.

oVo Pelicans fan012/28 2:50 pm
by oVo

I think the Bucs trolled us

LSUZombie Saints fan1512/28 2:49 pm
by Big Sway

Time to be real

BIG CAT LSU fan1012/28 2:48 pm
by 91TIGER

Brees Needs 48 yards for 5,000 after the TD

lsutigers1992 Saints fan212/28 2:47 pm
by WhoDatNC

All that I care about is Brees getting a TD pass

AlaTiger LSU fan1712/28 2:46 pm
by AlaTiger

Brees gets his TD and we left almost 2 minutes on the clock.

TigerRanter Saints fan712/28 2:46 pm
by BigDawg0420

I've been following Goodwin closely in this game.

TheBob Oregon fan1812/28 2:42 pm
by Doug_H

Brees and his ipad

ToulatownTiger SLU fan1712/28 2:39 pm
by STBTigerr

Brees still has great touch on the deep ball

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LSUZombie Saints fan2012/28 2:30 pm
by moock blackjack

Do we draft a project QB this year?

tke857 LSU fan912/28 2:26 pm
by Laaz2750

Some of you complaining make no sense

htran90 Saints fan1012/28 2:20 pm
by lsutigers1992

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