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Brees and his ipad

ToulatownTiger SLU fan1712/28 2:39 pm
by STBTigerr

Brees still has great touch on the deep ball

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LSUZombie Saints fan2012/28 2:30 pm
by moock blackjack

Do we draft a project QB this year?

tke857 LSU fan912/28 2:26 pm
by Laaz2750

Some of you complaining make no sense

htran90 Saints fan1012/28 2:20 pm
by lsutigers1992

This team is more talented and can be better than our SB team

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oncealurker Saints fan3912/28 2:17 pm
by LSUZombie

It's time

BILLFISHER22 LSU fan712/28 2:16 pm
by Jaydeaux

Why are the starters in today??

Ignignot LSU fan1212/28 2:12 pm
by Laaz2750

Drew is a certified tank driver.

blackandgolddude Saints fan612/28 2:09 pm
by patches_ohoulihan

I Love the Saints!

geauxtigers87 USA fan112/28 2:09 pm
by Prominentwon

Great job guys

BIG CAT LSU fan1012/28 2:08 pm

Brees has gone full not a shite given mode

guttata LSU fan912/28 2:07 pm
by Jake88

Laugh your arse off thread

Breesus Saints fan912/28 2:06 pm
by Tiger Nation 84

Drew = GOAT tanker

GEAUXT Saints fan012/28 2:03 pm

8 pictures of Drew Brees this season.

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Breesus Saints fan2612/28 2:01 pm
by Breesus

Watching San diego instead of saints because want evidence against 20 million QB

JETigER LSU fan1412/28 1:59 pm
by AreJay

That pick sums up the offense this year

geauxtigers87 USA fan112/28 1:48 pm
by fladohado

Please sit Drew in 2nd half. And discuss changes without hyperbole.

LSU alum wannabe LSU fan1212/28 1:43 pm
by TigerRanter

Chase Daniel 7-7 for 59yards. First quarter

AtlantaLSUfan LSU fan1212/28 1:33 pm
by tigerbait3488

Just found out Chase Daniel(s) is starting for the Chiefs

Superior Pariah LSU fan812/28 1:22 pm
by PortCityTiger24

Didn't we draft SJB to stop Evans and Benjamin??????

moock blackjack LSU fan1112/28 1:22 pm
by moock blackjack

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