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I f'd up and bought Target shot

Fusaichi Pegasus Lamar fan812/24 9:50 am
by tiddlesmcdiddles

Log book or documenting trips

PaBon LSU fan1912/24 8:31 am
by Da Hammer

Baby Girl's Christmas present

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DLauw LSU fan2112/24 7:37 am
by bayou choupique

delete. IST/IBT - 12/24 - Christmas Eve

CroTigerXIII LSU fan112/24 5:10 am
by CroTigerXIII

where to buy a prop

mack the knife LSU fan812/23 11:53 pm
by lsusteve1

Anyone know anything about Brown's Bay flats boat?

stewie112/23 11:34 pm
by stoms

anyone need an extra gun tomorrow on a duck hunt?

guesswho LSU fan1712/23 11:30 pm
by Bandit30

Anyone own a good pair of Caiman skin boots?

MadisonReb10 Olemiss fan812/23 10:28 pm
by northern

Would you mount this deer or not?

bbvdd Alabama fan1512/23 9:56 pm
by DownshiftAndFloorIt

Hungarian FEG PJK 9mm

TheOcean FloridaState fan612/23 9:23 pm
by TheOcean

paperwork needed to sell a truck?

Elusiveporpi LSU fan1112/23 8:56 pm
by MSWebfoot

TD PAL trip

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Da Hammer LSU fan4412/23 8:56 pm
by Da Hammer

Searching for a Chair

JRoCk14 LSU fan912/23 8:39 pm
by LakeviewYakker

Anyone own a layout/blind boat?

LSUShock LSU fan1212/23 8:30 pm
by LSUShock


geauxcats10 LSU fan112/23 6:41 pm
by DeepSouthSportsman

Bourbon Virus "[un]like Any Ever Been Identified in the Western Hemisphere"

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MisterSenator LSU fan2212/23 6:12 pm
by VetteGuy

Anyone hunted Sabine NWR this year?

PetroAg TexasA&M fan612/23 5:13 pm
by farad

Who here owns and hunts with an AK?

(Page 1 2)
LSULEFTY LSU fan2512/23 3:47 pm
by ChatRabbit77

Smith & Wesson pistol info needed

PBD4BAMA Alabama fan612/23 3:45 pm
by LSUCouyon

duck hunting: what does "call sparingly" mean?

gorillacoco LSU fan1812/23 3:38 pm
by Geauxtiga

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