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Hanagriff and Risher In Game thread

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supatigah ULL fan3510/19 8:59 am
by monsterballads

beckwith status ???

FLObserver LSU fan910/19 8:54 am
by Tigers'Mojo

Gotta call it like I see it re: Melvin jones

BigEdLSU Southern fan310/19 8:43 am
by boxcar willie

I'm not sunshine pumping but I really believe

Bayoufightingtiger LSU fan1810/19 8:41 am
by PacWilly

What if we went to strictly JUCO QBs from here on out?

WalkingTurtles LSU fan1410/19 8:39 am
by GulfCoast LSU Fan

Jamal Adams' block

Smiling_Tiger LSU fan510/19 8:20 am
by misey94

Unless I was drunk on water, "toss dive" only happened about 3 times

S110/19 8:14 am
by schwartzy

LSU a top 10 team (yes I mean the football team)? The TUbalatoratron thinks so.

SpidermanTUba LSU fan510/19 8:09 am
by TigerBlood17

on Harris INT. He had the TE wide open

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ApexTiger LSU fan4110/19 8:02 am


Tingle Pelicans fan1910/19 7:57 am
by NotRight37

LSU Ranking

indabayou1 LSU fan210/19 7:55 am
by DollaChoppa

AJ Figured Out the RB Pass

LSUfan20005210/19 7:53 am
by The Pirate King

A very Special (Teams) 1st half and a dominant effort by the Tiger defense

jptiger2009 SLU fan610/19 7:28 am
by sjmabry

Helluva call, Herbie

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GCTiger11 LSU fan3810/19 7:04 am
by Dalosaqy

Any lsu fans still wanting sumlin?

BeeFense5 Pelicans fan810/19 7:00 am
by sheek

Jamal Adams Needs a Nickname

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DeltaDoc LSU fan5110/19 6:48 am
by Coater

ole who?

JacksonLSU LSU fan710/19 6:45 am
by Vanilla Ice

Herbie called a UK win...

Wild Thang USA fan1010/19 6:43 am
by Mulat

Time for us all to be Tiger Friends: Pumpers and Negas come together

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WalkingTurtles LSU fan4410/19 6:35 am
by LSU Patrick

Props to Chavis on defensive changes

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Dodd Duke fan2010/19 6:28 am
by Methuselah

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