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Jamal Adams fan club join me!

jacktown LSU fan1810/18 8:50 pm
by cas4t

Are our receivers not getting open?

PLaneTiger LSU fan1210/18 8:50 pm
by LawAbidingFan

Les "would love" to see Harris in the game

LSUinMA LSU fan310/18 8:49 pm
by Dynamis

3 and Out!!

MondayMorningMarch LSU fan010/18 8:49 pm
by MondayMorningMarch

Blue Grass miracle question

Scoop LSU fan010/18 8:49 pm
by Scoop

I'd rather be up 24-3..

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cattus Navy fan2110/18 8:48 pm
by 0

27-3 lead at half with idiots melting

BeeFense5 Pelicans fan1910/18 8:47 pm
by JJ27

10 second run-off why we kicked?

M. A. Ryland LSU fan210/18 8:47 pm
by Weizenman

Who has a gif of the power outage TD?

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StrangeBrew LSU fan2310/18 8:47 pm

How did we score the blackout td?

BigEdLSU Southern fan1010/18 8:45 pm
by Papa Tigah

Was the timeout count wrong?

Lsuchampnj710/18 8:45 pm
by Lsuchampnj

Jennings refuses to throw ball!

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JaxTiger10 LSU fan2810/18 8:44 pm
by JaxTiger10

have we had any turnovers yet?

nolatrain504 LSU fan510/18 8:44 pm
by putt23

No need to risk a throw

donRANDOMnumbers Pelicans fan010/18 8:43 pm
by donRANDOMnumbers

D.Hunter the man what a stud.

jacktown LSU fan310/18 8:42 pm
by harry coleman beast

I have to hand it to Miles

PsychTiger LSU fan010/18 8:40 pm
by PsychTiger

What moron is calling these kickoffs?

lsupride87 LSU fan1510/18 8:40 pm
by lsupride87

New good luck charm?

tigerMike LSU fan110/18 8:39 pm
by secondandshort


TimTheTiger LSU fan210/18 8:38 pm
by GetEmGates225

Did your "technical difficulty" screen have a cat on it?

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JumpingTheShark Saints fan2010/18 8:37 pm
by DoctorTechnical

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