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Official "Geaux to hell Ole Miss" LSU/Ole Miss prediction thread

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LSUcajun77 UNO fan22010/25 10:26 am
by BuddyLAM

Dear Student Section

donRANDOMnumbers Pelicans fan1310/25 11:03 am
by tigersownall

Corso picks the Tigers!

Volt LSU fan810/25 11:03 am
by c on z

the team WILL win it for Les...

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Teauxler LSU fan4710/25 11:03 am
by themunch

Hate willie all you want

Ford Frenzy Saints fan1710/25 11:02 am
by Patrick_Bateman

"We've came a long way" - Bo Wallace

TDsngumbo LSU fan1210/25 11:02 am
by Oxford

Official game day signs

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Coater LSU fan14710/25 10:58 am
by Patrick_Bateman

ULL douche on gameday

fleaux LSU fan1310/25 10:52 am
by MountainTiger

Observed from Parade Grounds: Pollack's been running

EST LSU fan1510/25 10:51 am
by Mr Gardoki

Bring it home for us tonight, y'all.

ag3ntpurpl3 LSU fan610/25 10:36 am
by poncho villa

"Free T. Valentine"

AtlantaLSUfan LSU fan610/25 10:35 am
by TthomasJR

How many on here know that CANNON saved the Halloween game on defense?

Mie2cents LSU fan510/25 10:34 am
by ChineseBandit58

Where can I find a free ESPN stream online?

The Dude's Rug LSU fan710/25 10:32 am
by jose

Tickets on Campus

Nation of Buga LSU fan210/25 10:29 am
by tiggah1981

Predict the final score based on who attends:

chilge1 LSU fan710/25 10:19 am
by soccerfüt

"Katy likes 2 corndogs at once" sign

DByrd2 LSU fan910/25 10:37 am
by BillyBobfan24_7

Ole Miss fans are really nervous

PeaRidgeWatash LSU fan1810/25 10:06 am
by PeaRidgeWatash

Rip Rip Rip, Rap Rap Rap

PsychTiger LSU fan1710/25 10:04 am
by TXGunslinger10

Do the Dekes have a homecomming display?

geauxpurple LSU fan010/25 9:59 am
by geauxpurple

Duck Dynasty?

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chilge1 LSU fan4910/25 10:55 am
by TigerinKorea

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