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Honkus Saints fan195910/19 9:03 am
by LSU Patrick

The Tiger Rant is OPEN...this board is LOCKED

Chicken USA fan08/31 9:09 am
by Chicken

The option play might be an ACTUAL threat with Harris

Rex LSU fan1210/19 9:30 am
by boxcar willie

The constant "piped in" music

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donRANDOMnumbers Pelicans fan2810/19 9:26 am
by ramchallenge

Mark May just said......

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Eauxld Geauxld LSU fan5510/19 9:24 am
by Earn Your Keep

Credit where it's due: Peveto

monsterballads710/19 9:24 am
by ForeLSU

Bama killing the Aggies An.....

namvet6566 LSU fan1010/19 9:23 am
by weptiger

The video problem hurt the perception of Jennings.

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abellsujr LSU fan5710/19 9:23 am
by euquol

I would like to thank the fricktard that designed contraflow

udtiger LSU fan1510/19 9:23 am
by PsychTiger

Dirty hit on Beckwith?

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Choupique19 LSU fan3010/19 9:22 am
by wilceaux

Jennings was the right choice all along

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Retrograde LSU fan3110/19 9:20 am
by TriumphTiger

Miles: "We threw the ball effectively. There was balance in the offense."

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IPlayedGreatTonight LSU fan10610/19 9:20 am
by lsuhunt555

what happened to fournette in the second half

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lsu mike LSU fan4010/19 9:20 am
by Lsupimp

Why doesnt Jennings run more like he did on that 30 yard gain?

DollaChoppa LSU fan210/19 9:17 am
by DollaChoppa

As bad as Les Miles is at coaching

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Prominentwon McNeeseState fan5310/19 9:16 am

30 for 30 Jurassic Field

Nado Jenkins83 USA fan010/19 9:14 am
by Nado Jenkins83

Bama killing the Aggies An.....

namvet6566 LSU fan310/19 9:10 am
by Tiger Chemist

LSU vs Ole Miss Gametime Released

NorthShoreTiger44 LSU fan210/19 9:10 am
by austintexastiger

I liked what Cam had to say postgame

themunch LSU fan1010/19 9:04 am
by monsterballads

how far can we go with this offense?

boxcar willie LSU fan810/19 9:03 am
by mikeytig

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