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LSU 23, Texas A&M 17 - 4th Qtr - ESPN

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ToulaTiger31 LSU fan224911/27 11:01 pm
by Alatgr

The Score Board is now locked...The Tiger Rant is open for business.

Chicken USA fan010/25 10:52 pm
by Chicken

So...Is Speedy Noil still happy he chose a "great program"?

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dayne o LSU fan2711/27 11:20 pm
by TigerNSac

Question. Im honestly confused

pkf4lsu LSU fan811/27 11:16 pm
by pkf4lsu

A&M pays $5 million for this?

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BeeFense5 Pelicans fan9711/27 11:16 pm
by JaxTiger10

Noel Ellis's uncle keeping it classy on twitter

OldManRiver LSU fan911/27 11:16 pm
by KG5989

Are y'all this miserable in everyday life?

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HoopyD LSU fan2611/27 11:15 pm
by LSU Groupee

So Miles really switched it up tonight calling plays

TheDrunkenTigah611/27 11:15 pm
by Dizz

Sumlin making more $$$ than Les is a Travesty

tigertracts LSU fan011/27 11:15 pm
by tigertracts

Post game on IheartRadio?

TexasTiger13911/27 11:15 pm
by ChuckM

Les Miles was a little more honest regarding Harris.

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Mattwells90 ULL fan3411/27 11:15 pm
by USMCTiger03

Les only trying to keep Harris from transferring

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Tiger JED LSU fan5411/27 11:15 pm
by geauxdaddy72

TCU 4-8 last year starting most freshman in country

jondavid11 LSU fan011/27 11:14 pm
by jondavid11

Do you feel like the offense is fixed?

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josh336 LSU fan5311/27 11:14 pm
by josh336

Anybody sent their Bowl Ticket Requests back to LSU?

PG LSU fan911/27 11:14 pm
by ChuckM

Les has zero credibility

Tigrwatchr LSU fan811/27 11:15 pm
by PG

Fournette's TD Run Over Matthews (GIF)

Crumble LSU fan511/27 11:12 pm
by HurricaneTiger

Where'd hunter go?

BeauxTieTiger LSU fan411/27 11:09 pm
by BeauxTieTiger

They loved Calling Holding Against LSU

cajunjim LSU fan211/27 11:09 pm
by earl keese

Gig Dat!

tigertracts LSU fan011/27 11:08 pm
by tigertracts

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