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Why wont the FCC release the proposed rules for net neutrality?

CptBengal USA fan122/23 7:58 pm
by Porky

Jerusalem mayor takes down terrorist

Dead End USA fan72/23 7:10 pm

Obama sued Louisiana to keep low income blacks trapped in bad schools

Squirrel Hill122/23 6:48 pm
by Squirrel Hill

LA DHH funding cut (anyone have any info?)

theunknownknight LSU fan22/23 6:38 pm
by theunknownknight

Mayor Kip loves him some LSU football, drops big bucks on tix

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TigerCLT242/23 6:32 pm
by Navytiger74

Working women earn more than Patricia Arquette may realize

NC_Tigah LSU fan12/23 6:26 pm
by Negative Nomad

Update: 4th Senate Cloture Vote Fails on DHS Funding/Immigration De-Funding Bill

NHTIGER LSU fan172/23 6:19 pm

If every AK 47 on the face of the planet had a remote-destruction device...

roadGator Florida fan192/23 6:15 pm
by lsucoonass

Angelle Against Common Core

LSUFanHouston LSU fan72/23 5:54 pm
by conservativewifeymom

Can anyone explain Obama's interest in the Bergdhal deal?

CarrolltonTiger LSU fan72/23 5:47 pm
by KeyserSoze999

Schools in Ohio passing out booklets on how to deal with cops.....

CptBengal USA fan82/23 5:24 pm
by Big Scrub TX

You know that guy that called you an Islamophobe? Yeah he just joined ISIS.

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Lsupimp LSU fan242/23 5:17 pm
by Easternrio

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Reflect on Sean Penn's Wonderful Sense of Humor

Fox Mulder Tulane fan172/23 5:12 pm
by Godfather1

I don't understand arguments against gay marriage

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Tiger1242 LSU fan3562/23 4:14 pm
by ljhog

Progressives/Liberals who refuse to criticize Islamists

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rehtaeh Baylor fan222/23 4:05 pm
by KCT

Pharmacist with concealed weapon shoots and kills armed robber

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weagle991042/23 4:03 pm
by ljhog

A Thought For Today

stormy132/23 4:02 pm
by Bard

I just got a call from healthcare.gov telling me not to file for my taxes yet.

johnnydrama LSU fan22/23 3:54 pm
by Shepherd

Let us compile a list of All questions Democrats should be forced to answer.

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Lsupimp LSU fan432/23 3:50 pm
by Douglas Green

This Week In Islamism. Offered for Your Perusal, Inshallah./Lebanese Food thread

Lsupimp LSU fan192/23 3:49 pm
by ljhog

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