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Who from the GOP matches up the best with Hillary?

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by FairhopeTider
FairhopeTider Alabama fan404/15 3:07 pm

TX legislature set to override local fracking ban

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by cwill
cwill Saints fan444/15 1:36 pm

Should We Elect the President by Popular Vote?

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by KCT
744/15 1:33 pm

Gorge all the oxes!

by ragincajun03
ragincajun03 ULL fan84/15 1:29 pm

Hillary loves to travel in style.

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by prplhze2000
554/15 12:17 pm
Gulf Coast Tiger

Will some candidate have the balls to pledge to kill the F35?

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by Jim Rockford
294/15 12:13 pm

Hillary reminds me of the character on Veep.

by L.A.
L.A. Saints fan04/15 12:10 pm

Senate about to void its consitutional treaty powers for Obama's Iran deal.

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by GumboPot
664/15 12:10 pm

Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty of Murder and Sentenced to Life

by Navytiger74
114/15 12:08 pm

Is this helpful insight for Hillary from my 5-year old?

by baybeefeetz
baybeefeetz184/15 11:40 am

TSA Screeners fired over groping scheme

by Quidam65
Quidam6564/15 10:45 am
TX Tiger

Media sprints after Hillary van in Iowa...

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by muttenstein
muttenstein Georgia fan334/15 10:42 am

Hillary has more Facebook fans in Baghdad than any US city

by bamarep
bamarep194/15 10:39 am

Hillary has more Facebook fans in Baghdad than any U.S. City

by anc
anc24/15 10:38 am
Big Scrub TX

VALJAR kisses reporters before interview

by bamarep
bamarep124/15 10:15 am

So did Obamacare sink Hillary the moment it passed

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by Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder Tulane fan254/15 10:03 am
Fox Mulder

DEA chief to House: can't fire agents involved in sex parties

by Quidam65
Quidam6574/15 9:33 am

Hillary's Facebook and Twitter account full of fake

by HubbaBubba
154/15 9:31 am

Reporters outnumber voters at HRC's first campaign stop in Iowa

by bamarep
bamarep64/15 9:23 am

how many of you are writing a check to the IRS tomorrow?

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by ApexTiger
454/15 9:22 am
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