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Obama's Executive Order Duration.......

jamboybarry LSU fan411/21 12:25 pm
by michaeldwde

Jamie Mayo picks up a GOP endorsement

Jim Rockford LSU fan011/21 12:08 pm
by Jim Rockford

Louisiana: Local Elections

TOKEN311/21 12:02 pm
by kingbob

name a Dem who hopes the Cosby allegation frenzy will go away

Jagd Tiger mizzou fan411/21 11:56 am
by cwill

Immigration and What's Next for the Left

Bard ULM fan411/21 11:39 am
by Bard

Dems reject Pelosi pick for top House post

Homesick Tiger LSU fan611/21 11:37 am
by dante

Immigration in the time of the Founding Fathers

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Truckasaurus Alabama fan3811/21 11:28 am
by Keltic Tiger

Only thing that happened this week is illegals get to claim earned income credit

JETigER LSU fan011/21 11:13 am
by JETigER

One thing the president was RIGHT about...

deuceiswild LSU fan611/21 11:13 am
by Keltic Tiger

Let's Examine the Emperor's Royal Decree

BugAC LSU fan1411/21 11:10 am
by michaeldwde

So will the administration count all these new "legals" on the unemployment rate

back9Tiger LSU fan211/21 10:59 am
by Hawkeye95

You know how Steve Wynn has been shitting all over Obama?

udtiger LSU fan1011/21 10:47 am
by Poodlebrain

And the biiggest racist of the night award goes to.....President Obama!!!

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BugAC LSU fan2811/21 10:40 am
by Big12fan

Why do some think the immigration system is not broken?

deuceiswild LSU fan1911/21 10:34 am
by CptBengal

Penn & Teller - New Orleans March 13th (Libertarian)

RaginCajunz ULL fan211/21 10:32 am
by RaginCajunz

Opinions have really changed on healthcare coverage.

GumboPot LSU fan911/21 10:26 am
by coolpapaboze

GOP: Where is the strategy?

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TOKEN3811/21 10:25 am
by a want

If the libertarian eye doctor doesn't run, which R would you support?

HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan1811/21 10:11 am
by Zach

Wall Street Journal Op Ed - Yes America should be the worlds policeman

Eurocat811/21 10:10 am
by goatmilker

Obama is an habitual liar......

Jim Ignatowski LSU fan1211/21 9:30 am
by yattan

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