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when did the over catering to minorites begin?

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dallastiger55 LSU fan4312/16 4:54 pm
by WildTchoupitoulas

Dillard President wants to end tops for a lot of Louisiana students......

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TJG210 LSU fan6812/16 4:20 pm
by LSUFanHouston

Woodhouse Divided on CSPAN

anc212/16 4:14 pm
by Bard

I hate what the office of the presidency has become (not an Obama hate thread)

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HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan2612/16 3:50 pm
by DoctorO

Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana

wickowick LSU fan212/16 3:13 pm
by Tigerlaff

One councilman questionning the Library's tax renewal in EBR.

doubleb LSU fan1412/16 2:17 pm
by kingbob

Burger King saves shareholders $1.2 Billion: It's Now a Canadian Company

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NC_Tigah LSU fan4912/16 2:13 pm
by Taxing Authority

It's Been Too Long Since We Had A Great Man In the White House

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Darth_Vader Auburn fan10212/16 1:41 pm
by socraticsilence

States commit violent attacks on blacks

Zach LSU fan1612/16 1:01 pm
by mauser

warren buffett, two-faced hypocrite

mostbesttigerfanever LSU fan1412/16 12:52 pm
by LSUFanHouston

Homicide Trends and Statistics for the United States 1980-2008

Fox Mulder Tulane fan1212/16 12:42 pm
by cwill

15,000 germans march in Dresden against Islamisation of their country

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HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan5712/16 12:33 pm
by uway

PT spinoff thread: Let's discuss this item from the Historical Muslim record

Meauxjeaux Memphis fan312/16 12:04 pm
by LSUTigersVCURams

If 'Gun Free' signs are all that schools need, why not use them elsewhere?

weagle991812/16 10:45 am
by PsychTiger

Saudi/OPEC End Game

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Strannix LSU fan4212/16 10:40 am
by cwill

Russian economy doomed?

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LSU Fan SLU Grad LSU fan4012/16 10:14 am
by Zach

Nyclu demands release of grand jury evidence re Garner

baybeefeetz112/16 9:13 am
by mmcgrath

Article on climate change event not unlike the current one from the past.

bamarep512/16 8:36 am
by CollegeFBRules

Congressman mums after tucking Wall Street bailout into spending bill

Eurocat1212/16 8:22 am
by TerryDawg03

America and Globalization

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stormy2912/16 8:14 am
by onmymedicalgrind

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