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Rough CCTV footage of the Nemtsov assassination

Decatur Saints fan153/3 1:15 am

Liberals and Democrats are scared of Rand

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WeeWee Pelicans fan433/2 10:04 pm
by Big12fan

What a coincidence the BATFE announced ammo ban after losing a gun rights case

weagle9963/2 9:39 pm
by Dead End

Does Toyota Sponsor ISIS?

mizzoukills193/2 8:24 pm
by TX Tiger

Maryland Senate Seat Opens in 2016

TOKEN Columbia fan53/2 7:36 pm
by Sevendust912

Donald Trump: I'm The Only One Who Can Beat Hillary

TOKEN Columbia fan113/2 7:18 pm
by Arksulli

Video exonerates man set up by Louisiana cops and prosecutors - link

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Eurocat423/2 6:43 pm
by EmperorGout

LAPD killed an unarmed man. Will the Left wing terrorist strike in response?

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ctiger69 LSU fan263/2 6:37 pm
by baybeefeetz

Free country? Please (update with government decision on page 4)

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Big Scrub TX LSU fan843/2 6:31 pm
by GeauxxxTigers23

IRS defends paying refunds to illegals who never filed taxes

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BugAC LSU fan213/2 5:28 pm
by dantes69

The best CPAC speech.

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GumboPot LSU fan343/2 5:08 pm
by buckeye_vol

Is time deflationary?

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Meauxjeaux Memphis fan203/2 4:40 pm
by rcocke2

The Advocate: Scandals, criticism erupt around Louisiana's film credit program

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ragincajun03 ULL fan903/2 4:33 pm
by I B Freeman

Rand Paul has no legit shot at the presidency IMO

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Tiger n Miami AU83 Auburn fan553/2 4:24 pm
by Sentrius

New word...'Harf'

Zach LSU fan43/2 4:00 pm
by ChineseBandit58

Venezuela uses "F word" to discredit fracking

cwill Saints fan163/2 3:54 pm
by cwill

Psychology study: Dogs can identify liars

Zach LSU fan183/2 3:43 pm
by buckeye_vol

Seriously, why do you hate President Obama? Please cite facts.

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rehtaeh Baylor fan6823/2 3:23 pm
by SoulGlo

CATO President: Rand Paul Will Be The Next President of the United State

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RollTide4Ever Alabama fan593/2 3:09 pm
by AmericanHoop

SCOTUS Hears Congressional Redistricting Case; Implications For 2016 & Beyond

Sentrius USA fan33/2 2:32 pm
by FalseProphet

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