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Richest 1% to own half of world’s wealth by 2016, says Oxfam

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NC_Tigah LSU fan661/19 7:48 pm
by bigblake

Fox News: 10MM FB Likes; CNN: 16MM FB Likes; Fox 3X higher ratings??

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tigerpawl LSU fan231/19 6:50 pm
by goldennugget

Republicans Say Goodbye to Latino Voters

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NC_Tigah LSU fan651/19 6:06 pm
by ljhog

"This is the Fox News 'No-Go' Zones"

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FT GATech fan571/19 5:52 pm
by rtts48

Pres Obama's approval rating back to 50%

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MJM LSU fan291/19 5:25 pm
by Jbird

What is justice?

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baybeefeetz211/19 5:15 pm
by ShortyRob

Oh Oh...Billy Crystal has pissed off the LGBTers!!!

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udtiger LSU fan251/19 5:14 pm
by upgrayedd

7 Children Taken from Parents Because of Fathers Unapproved Suppliment Use

crap4brain LSU fan01/19 4:03 pm
by crap4brain

Will we ever see a president again who does not believe in "executive activism"?

HailHailtoMichigan! Michigan fan21/19 2:57 pm

Would tolls be more effective than a fuel tax?

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90percentdone LSU fan461/19 2:29 pm
by 90percentdone

Obamacare penalty may come as shock at tax time

CajunAngele LSU fan181/19 2:20 pm
by S.E.C. Crazy

A skyrocketing number of women buying guns...

JDifuplease LSU fan111/19 2:10 pm
by weagle99


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Jim Ignatowski LSU fan271/19 2:02 pm
by Jim Ignatowski

Good Editorial about Republicans Having a "Pan American Vision" in 2016

AmericanHoop41/19 1:45 pm
by AmericanHoop

"Night Will Fall": Inside Hitchcock's Lost Holocaust Documentary (Premiers on HBO Jan. 27)

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TOKEN LSU fan2421/19 1:37 pm
by REG861

The ONLY reason why Obama is putting forth an increase in capital gains tax

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HailHailtoMichigan! Michigan fan571/19 1:26 pm
by Taxing Authority

Lindsey Graham considering presidential run---

I B Freeman191/19 11:57 am

Got a ? Re: this teen girl marrying her dad

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Zach LSU fan511/19 10:15 am
by Zach

When to trust the government and media and when not to?

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Scruffy USA fan401/19 10:15 am
by inadaze

Has the cover of the latest issue of TheNew Yorker been posted yet? MLK edition.

Rickety Cricket Navy fan141/19 10:12 am
by WalkingTurtles

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