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OTIS2 LSU fan2410/29 10:02 pm
by Caplewood

I need help finding a pig to roast.

lsucm10 LSU fan1610/29 8:53 pm
by redfish99

What are your favorite big batch things for a week?

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FT GATech fan2010/29 8:39 pm
by Big Moe

Chef's Tables in New Orleans

rlore2 LSU fan810/29 7:57 pm
by Sunday Gravy

Maurepas Foods- Bywater

lsuwontonwrap LSU fan1910/29 7:52 pm
by DrinkDrankDrunk

Best bottled Roux?

TigerFan244 LSU fan1610/29 6:55 pm
by CarRamrod

Hot Tamale papers in BR

SquirrelBones LSU fan1310/29 2:27 pm
by SquirrelBones

Question about my rouxs updated on of 3

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sloopy LSU fan7010/29 1:51 pm
by Langland

Give me some pointers on boiled crabs

BourgsTheWord SLU fan1510/29 1:48 pm
by BourgsTheWord

Need date ideas in Hammond for Thurs night

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indytiger LSU fan2910/29 1:10 pm
by ragincajun03

I need to cook Red Bens and Rice for 50-75 folks....

Fishwater LSU fan1110/29 1:07 pm

Where to get pork temple meat in BR? UPDATE: Pic page 3

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Indfanfromcol LSU fan6410/29 1:05 pm
by tenfoe

72 hour short ribs w/pics

Degas1310/29 1:04 pm
by pooponsaban

Best way to cook deer meat?

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Call me the Doc Georgia fan2710/29 12:53 pm
by smoked hog

Immersion circulator newb

Motorboat LSU fan910/29 12:49 pm
by Trout Bandit

Shrimp Dish

LSU_Tiger_4 LSU fan310/29 12:30 pm
by bbrou33

Where can I find garfish meat?

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timbo LSU fan2110/29 12:30 pm
by Y.A. Tittle

Skirt Steak = King of Cuts

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Snatchy Alabama fan2110/29 12:04 pm
by GynoSandberg

How long will fresh sausage last in fridge?

cbtullis LSU fan110/29 11:08 am
by bbrou33

Old faithful: Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (pics included and updated with recipe!)

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Dav LSU fan5910/29 11:05 am
by bbrou33

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