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TopicStarted ByRepliesLast Post Recipes, Links and Recipe Book Thread - SIXTH Version

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Stadium Rat LSU fan341/21 10:00 pm
by Stadium Rat

Homebrewing: In-Process Thread

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BugAC LSU fan52471/24 3:44 pm
by Zappas Stache


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Martini LSU fan159481/24 12:33 am
by LSU5508

Bone in ribeye $8.99/lb at albertsons w/ pics

Janky LSU fan11/25 8:59 am
by RedMustang

Santa Fe Cattle Co. is open on Coursey

Langland LSU fan171/25 8:57 am
by Skillet

Burger Joint craze

foj1981 LSU fan121/25 8:54 am
by autodd03

Pat's Seafood on Jefferson

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Farkwad311/25 8:49 am
by Box Geauxrilla

Let's discuss Jack Daniel's honey

Pierre LSU fan61/25 8:48 am
by autodd03

Tiger Deaux-nuts

Trout Bandit LSU fan01/25 8:47 am
by Trout Bandit

What's a food or drink item that people love that you just don't get?

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TheIndulger LSU fan521/25 8:45 am
by autodd03

Whiskey/Bourbon/Scotch appreciation thread

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cast away SouthCarolina fan152501/25 8:43 am
by Uncle JackD

Got a dozen wings in a saltwater brine overnight.... Making for lunch. Process?

bossflossjr LSU fan71/25 8:42 am
by WDE24

Any new Ascension Parish restaurants?

GeismarGeauxer LSU fan31/25 8:33 am
by GeismarGeauxer

BR tonight

Boondock544 USA fan161/25 8:33 am
by bossflossjr

Recommend an upscale restaurant to take the wife to in N.O.

lsutiger2010 LSU fan191/25 8:23 am
by specchaser

Preparing Mickey Brown's Frozen Tamales

4LSU2 LSU fan101/25 7:52 am
by bossflossjr

Sucre king cake

Dr. Morgus LSU fan171/25 7:31 am
by Trout Bandit

Red Robin - I finally went to it

theantiquetiger LSU fan41/25 6:26 am
by Ole Geauxt

FBD - Saturday Edition

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Kim Jong Ir LSU fan2241/25 8:55 am
by Jones

My first attempt at a roast beef with pics!

la_birdman LSU fan111/25 3:33 am
by Degas

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