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Coaching Changes

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Official Coaching Vacancy/Hot Seat Thread

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Chicken USA fan6212/17 6:34 am
by LoneStarTiger

How long until Justin Fuente gets a better job?

Cosmo UNO fan912/22 7:43 pm
by Draconian Sanctions

Anybody know which bama coachs move on this year?

CrimsonChin Alabama fan512/22 7:39 pm
by Bamatab

Sumilin can't buy a vowel right now.

Dudebro2 LSU fan912/22 7:21 pm
by LeonPhelps

Hey Georgia, now that Bobo is gone to Colorado State who replaces him? (Updated)

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everytrueson mizzou fan2712/22 6:58 pm

CBS sports: 'Pendulum is swinging' toward Harbaugh returning to college

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HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan2412/22 6:51 pm
by WillHarsha

Rumor that Spurrier nixed Muschamp to USC because of his son?

weagle99612/22 6:51 pm
by gamecocks22

Denver Post on Mike Bobo - He gone

Whiznot Georgia fan1512/22 5:57 pm
by NorthGwinnettTiger

Chavis is NOT going to A&M

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CGSC Lobotomy TexasA&M fan2212/22 5:26 pm
by ShaneTheLegLechler

Bud Foster signs an extension with VT

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beaver USA fan2312/22 4:55 pm
by cardboardboxer

49ers (and now Falcons) possible replacements:Josh McDaniels, Adam Gase

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wildtigercat93 LSU fan3712/22 4:34 pm
by NorthGwinnettTiger

Who will be Raiders' coach next season?

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JohnHager913 Michigan fan2212/22 4:00 pm
by JohnHager913

Glazer - Harbaugh news

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Trublue4312/22 3:52 pm
by JohnHager913

104.5 Reports Chavis has 4 million dollar 3 Year contract on Desk

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Enadious LSU fan5112/22 3:23 pm
by Linkovich

Chances Harbaugh fails at Michigan?

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Smalls LSU fan4212/22 2:59 pm
by Trublue

Chavis gonna aggy?

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texasaggie08 TexasA&M fan2412/22 2:30 pm
by MottLaneKid

A&M courting Chavis as DC.

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lsuhunt5553612/22 12:41 pm
by CGSC Lobotomy

Harbaugh will be fired not traded.

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Trublue3212/22 12:36 pm
by moneyg

Joe Paterno's son offers his idiotic thoughts on Michigan coaching search

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HailHailtoMichigan! LSU fan4512/21 8:49 pm
by JETigER

More Harbaugh!!!!

Trublue1712/21 7:15 pm
by drizztiger

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