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Who to start at QB

tigerfan32 LSU fan111/25 9:11 pm
by oncealurker

Tannehill or Stafford? Rode Stafford the whole year thus far.

TheBob Saints fan511/25 8:58 pm
by Boomshockalocka

Will Connor Barth be any good?

Hiphopanonymous LSU fan1011/25 8:17 pm
by tween the hedges

Pick 2 of 4 (WR)

Athanatos Vandy fan211/25 7:33 pm
by easy money

Finish of the year with Tannehill or Rivers?

Dr. Shultz LSU fan411/25 6:50 pm
by noonan

Gore or Mathews for this week?

AUtigerNOLA Auburn fan211/25 6:42 pm
by AUtigerNOLA

Pick 3 of the 4 (WR)

xxKylexx LSU fan611/25 6:11 pm
by boom roasted

RB2: Mathews or F Jackson? Flex: M Bryant or J Matthews?

Hiphopanonymous LSU fan111/25 5:45 pm
by boom roasted

Drop Blue for Blount?

nolaandy611/25 5:35 pm
by Hiphopanonymous

Need 3 of these 5 WRs for this week

purplengold1 LSU fan511/25 5:24 pm
by Hiphopanonymous

1st seed locked up check in thread

tigersint Saints fan1011/25 5:23 pm
by livewire

How does the waiver process work in your league?

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bayouboy33 LSU fan2711/25 4:44 pm
by Ellunchboxo

So....Mark Ingram

RB10 LSU fan311/25 4:27 pm
by boom roasted

This is just flat out wasteful

mattgr1983 LSU fan1711/25 4:04 pm
by WicKed WayZ

RB2 help this week

MCSquared16 LSU fan411/25 3:24 pm
by TaderSalad

Who's your top 5 going into next season.

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Gtothemoney UNO fan6311/25 3:06 pm
by darryljames30

Check in if you're a top scorer missing the playoffs in your league

PrideofTheSEC Saints fan1911/25 2:29 pm
by HermanBoone

whos my rb2 going forward?

couv1217 LSU fan1011/25 1:53 pm
by Muahahaha

Thoughts of starting Cameron at TE

pioneerbasketball Arkansas fan611/25 1:45 pm
by LSU1018

Lets talk handcuffs

TaderSalad LSU fan1211/25 1:44 pm
by darryljames30

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