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Most controversial movie of all time just started on VH-1

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Breesus Saints fan8110/18 3:37 pm
by titmouse


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Patrick_Bateman USA fan4610/18 2:53 pm
by Patrick_Bateman

HUB Network is now Discovery Family Channel

S1110/18 2:44 pm
by ipodking

15 Minutes of Mr. Worf (TNG) getting De-nied

SlowFlowPro Stanford fan110/18 1:29 pm
by Jcorye1

Anyone that recommended The Black List can hump a goat.

Scoop LSU fan1110/18 1:17 pm
by arktiger28

AHS S04 E02: Massacres and Matinees

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yurintroubl Saints fan25610/18 12:35 pm
by WPBTiger

Inglourious Basterds

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jackwoods4 LSU fan2110/18 12:17 pm
by swagsurfin7

Just finished season 2 of Arrow

LittleJerrySeinfield Alabama fan410/18 11:54 am
by BlacknGold

Breaking Bad returning for 6th season: is this a hoax?

LSULyle006901010/18 10:53 am
by SEClint

Rumor: Robin is a female in Batman VS Superman

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RLDSC FAN SouthernCal fan4410/18 10:09 am

Daily Recommend a series on Netflix Thread.

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theGarnetWay SouthCarolina fan2710/18 10:09 am
by Thurber

14 Blades on Netflix

tduecen Tulane fan110/18 9:30 am
by Brosef Stalin

Just saw Fury (spoilers!)

Geekboy LSU fan410/18 2:21 am
by tigerfan88

Good episode of The Profit this week, except for the grown man crying

LeonPhelps LSU fan110/18 12:46 am
by Markie812

Anyone else miss Gene Hackman?

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stout Arizona fan2210/17 11:08 pm
by TigerMyth36

Invasion of the body snatchers (1978)-spoilers

dexy82 LSU fan710/17 11:06 pm
by CBandits82

Name some Western recommendations

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DosManos Vandy fan4410/17 10:52 pm
by CBandits82

Anybody rewatch a childhood favorite to learn it sucked

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Broke LSU fan8810/17 10:18 pm
by beebefootballfan

26 Movie Reboots Coming to a TV Near You

abellsujr LSU fan1910/17 10:00 pm
by SEClint

Tarzan the Ape Man on Youtube. Unedited

prplhze2000 LSU fan310/17 9:47 pm
by TigerMyth36

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