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Parks and Recreation SERIES FINALE TONIGHT

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CP3LSU25 LSU fan1562/26 6:39 pm
by drizztiger

Spider-Man In Avengers Age of Ultron?

dawgfan24348 Georgia fan72/26 6:25 pm
by Freauxzen

Any else think Sunny is killing it this season?

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dallastiger55 LSU fan202/26 6:16 pm
by John McClane

Anyone else notice that the liquor store guy in Boyhood was this guy

tylerdurden24 Georgia fan62/26 5:37 pm
by tigerbait3488

Next 'Alien' film to ignore 'Alien 3' and 'Alien: Resurrection'

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RollTide1987 Alabama fan462/26 5:34 pm
by TH03

The Unofficial Always Sunny Season 10 Thread

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SystemsGo512/26 5:16 pm
by NawlinsTiger9

Rank these prolific actor/director collaborations

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Chef Leppard Georgia fan412/26 4:55 pm
by flvelo12

Whiplash is the best movie of the year...

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devils1854352/26 4:01 pm
by Upperdecker

AMC orders pilot for comic book franchise preacher

LSUBrad5277 LSU fan142/26 3:29 pm
by LucasP

Anchor Please (DISNEY Set Up)

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MrTide33 Alabama fan792/26 3:06 pm
by MrTide33

Does anyone else have kind of a "problem" when you binge watch a show?

WG_Dawg Georgia fan102/26 2:45 pm
by Chef Leppard

So when are we getting the orginal star wars films on DVD

Fox Mulder Tulane fan52/26 2:33 pm
by magildachunks


Dunk47 Saints fan22/26 2:04 pm
by Dunk47

Is Matthew Broderick always spaced out?

PowerTool TexasAM fan152/26 1:49 pm
by Dr RC

Zero Dark Thirty Is Such a Bad Arse Movie

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Patrick_Bateman USA fan532/26 1:45 pm
by AlxTgr

Liberace Movie with Damon and Michael Douglas

Tiger Ryno USA fan112/26 12:59 pm
by Tiger Ryno

Series/Season finales question (timing)

TigerintheNO LSU fan42/26 11:58 am
by SoDakHawk

***Official Party Down South Season 3 Thread***

trom83 LSU fan122/26 9:00 am
by trom83

Official The Walking Dead S05E11 "The Distance" NO COMICS

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gaetti15 Navy fan5512/26 8:38 am
by musick

Would you support a Power Rangers movie like this?

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WicKed WayZ Saints fan282/26 8:17 am
by oR33Do

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