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How awful will Mortdecai be?

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Bham4Tide401/26 9:08 am
by Jay Quest

I predict the Bruce Jenner into a woman transformation is a stunt for ratings

(Page 1 2)
Rex LSU fan201/26 9:07 am
by bigpetedatiga

Alfred Hitchcock holocaust doc. archived for 70 years gets released tomorrow

iwyLSUiwy Southern fan21/26 7:18 am
by Breesus

Game of Thrones IMAX trailer plus Tyrion clip for S5

(Page 1 2)
PeteRose LSU fan201/26 6:40 am
by PowerTool

Dane Cook: Troublemaker

(Page 1 2)
Byron Bojangles III LSU fan231/26 6:22 am
by pvilleguru

Screen Actors Guild Awards (Full Winners List)

(Page 1 2)
RollTide1987 Alabama fan211/25 11:55 pm
by Walt OReilly

SAG Award deaths of 2014 was brutal

TheCaterpillar LSU fan41/25 10:40 pm
by TheCaterpillar

Galavant In Game Thread

(Page 1 2)
tduecen Tulane fan221/25 10:10 pm
by tduecen

Black Sails season 2 thread

Dr RC TexasA&M fan101/25 9:44 pm
by indytiger

The Man in the High Castle

McVick Michigan fan41/25 9:09 pm
by Roaad

Sons of Liberty on Hist

Dizz USA fan11/25 8:55 pm
by ell_13

Shameless Season 5 Thread

(Page 1 2)
ipodking LSU fan221/25 8:42 pm
by ipodking

Official Miss Universe watch thread

LSULyle00690 LSU fan11/25 8:16 pm
by Walking the Earth

Olga Vital'evna Yakovleva Dies at 44 - "Ghost In The Shell" Singer

BaddestAndvari Saints fan01/25 7:25 pm
by BaddestAndvari

Worst Oscar snubs

(Page 1 2 3)
PeteRose LSU fan421/25 7:09 pm
by lsu13lsu

Anyone watching Sons of Liberty on the History Channel tonight?

RollTide1987 Alabama fan161/25 7:03 pm
by Bham4Tide

Sherlock- BBC

dallastiger55 LSU fan181/25 7:02 pm
by WPBTiger

Birdman has pulled even with Boyhood in the Oscar race

(Page 1 2)
RollTide1987 Alabama fan221/25 6:50 pm
by tirebiter

Battlestar Galactica Streaming

OleWarSkuleAlum71/25 6:03 pm
by geauxjuice

Just starting "Fringe" on Netflix

AlbertMeansWell Alabama fan121/25 5:32 pm
by yurintroubl

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