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Friday History Discussion: What If The US Had Stayed Out of the Philippines?

Darth_Vader Auburn fan61/30 10:17 am
by Darth_Vader

How good are you at forgiving others?

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mpar98 LSU fan641/30 10:15 am
by beaverblender

UBER arrives in Lafayette

Uncle JackD ULL fan151/30 10:13 am
by Cap Crunch

GDP question - What are the chances they call up the Oregon St girl?

LSUvegasbombed LSU fan91/30 10:10 am
by LSUvegasbombed

Wait, what? Dutchtown bomb threat?

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BigEdLSU Southern fan311/30 9:56 am
by TigerBait1127

Pulling Work Trailer Info

Amblin LSU fan31/30 9:46 am
by Butch Baum

Watch an MRI machine devour metal objects...

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CocomoLSU PennState fan231/30 9:44 am
by ugasickem

Baton Rouge Mardi Gras - Next 9 days should be fun!

GFunk LSU fan21/30 9:31 am
by GFunk

Should I bring my used guitar to a luthier?

NatalbanyTigerFan LSU fan141/30 9:13 am
by TxTiger82

NOPD's new crime fighting plan

jbgleason LSU fan161/30 8:51 am
by CaptainPanic

Another warrior has left us

Jim Rockford LSU fan171/30 8:48 am
by Ace Midnight

New AC/Heat advice needed

Twenty 49 LSU fan31/30 8:48 am
by Napoleon

NOLA Emergency Services, 1000 Calls a Night

nolanola191/30 8:40 am
by NatalbanyTigerFan

Schlumberger office evacuated after suspicious package delivered

Street Hawk51/30 8:26 am
by GaryMyMan

Have any of you ever had a pig as a pet?

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JumpingTheShark Saints fan211/30 8:21 am
by CockHolliday

Would you ever workout in a parking lot?

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Hurricane Mike LSU fan261/30 8:19 am
by FootballNostradamus

Suge Knight keeping it real

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Ed Osteen LSU fan261/30 8:13 am
by CocomoLSU

The saddest video you will see today

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stout Arizona fan261/30 8:10 am
by CocomoLSU

OT, I'm that guy today. Am I getting catfished?

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Meaux Bettah LSU fan3201/30 8:03 am
by CunningLinguist

I just went from 0 to almost shite my pants in under 2 minutes

tigerman03 LSU fan141/30 8:06 am
by white perch

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