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Is Sportscenter anchor Kevin Negandhi the happiest guy on earth?

Dr Von Nostrand LSU fan111/27 11:22 am
by TechDawg2007

Is anyone else at work today?

LC4Tigers LSU fan1111/27 11:20 am
by lsunurse

Who else is up smoking a turkey tonight?

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geauxtigers87 USA fan7111/27 11:09 am
by HeadyMurphey

"Tell (insert person's name) I said Hi!"

S1711/27 10:41 am
by beaverfever

Spinnoff: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons through the decades

Notro LSU fan411/27 10:19 am
by lsuwontonwrap

RIP Darsh, Rutgers student eaten by a bear, Man that is harsh

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Napoleon Saints fan5611/27 10:08 am
by cave canem

LGBT are you thankful today?

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rebeloke USA fan2111/27 9:57 am
by jimbeam

Taylor Swift was looking pretty good last night...

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SwaggerCopter TexasA&M fan15011/27 9:56 am
by Dick Leverage

Which OT Golfer Stole $1500 in Clubs from Pelican Point Pro Shop?

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Shexter6611/27 9:48 am
by tigerbutt

Thank you to all our service men and women today!

poochie LSU fan1211/27 9:10 am
by IT_Dawg

Black Friday

Joshy_squashy LSU fan511/27 9:17 am
by LSUsmartass

When you introduce yourself, do you say your last name?

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South Alabama Fan USoA fan3711/27 8:34 am
by jeffsdad

Thanksgiving At Work Check In....

notslim99 LSU fan611/27 8:32 am
by KingRanch

What's your opinion of stores being open on Thanksgiving?

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JS87 Saints fan4011/27 8:23 am
by Gulf Coast Tiger

Its that time of year: Alice's Restaurant.

prplhze2000 LSU fan1411/27 8:13 am
by prplhze2000

What is the best bait for catching a mouse?

shoelessjoe LSU fan1711/27 8:12 am
by WPBTiger

The Country Place on Hwy 30, anyone remember this place?

tduecen Tulane fan711/27 7:28 am
by Methuselah

Best method for getting rid of moles?

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ForeverLSU02 Penn fan3311/27 7:22 am
by Interweb Cowboy

Happy Turkey Day to all the O-T Vets!

CajunSoldier225 Army fan511/27 7:18 am
by Wolfhound45

Two of my favorite Thanksgiving videos

arseinclarse USA fan211/27 4:02 am
by GeauxWolfpack

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