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Anyone here ever battle alcoholism/been to rehab?

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CapitalCityDevil Georgetown fan613/2 3:54 pm
by ole man

Autistic Alabama man awarded $2.5 million after growing 46DDD breasts

arseinclarse USA fan163/2 3:48 pm
by No8Easy2

Is it degenerate to take steroids?

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Gcockboi SouthCarolina fan493/2 3:47 pm
by SnoopALoop

Man throws his baby on ground to evade cops

Cosmo UNO fan163/2 3:32 pm
by BeeFense5

Some dummy tries to break a board on his head

yankeeundercover Army fan113/2 3:29 pm
by Hold That Tiger 10

Chiropractor with good assistants

Dr. Grey63/2 3:26 pm
by Dr. Grey

2 Shop puppies need homes (Houston)

OnCampusTiger LSU fan103/2 3:24 pm
by OnCampusTiger

Korean Females Eat Classic American snacks

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willymeaux LSU fan323/2 3:21 pm
by mylsuhat

What's the point of looking for suicide notes?

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CAD703X Toledo fan743/2 3:18 pm
by TheCaterpillar

Visa cards will now be accepted at Costco after AMEX deal ends next year

lsunurse LSU fan93/2 3:17 pm
by BACONisMEATcandy

girl in one of my classes wants my notes

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demosa TexasAM fan2283/2 3:14 pm
by ALWho

WTF is this ad for on my FB?!

yankeeundercover Army fan133/2 3:10 pm
by southernelite

Russian politician, and critic of Putin, found slain

beaver USA fan183/2 3:08 pm
by GumboDave

What's a good Doggie Door to install in wall of house?

Tiger Baiter LSU fan123/2 3:01 pm
by Puffoluffagus

Help me win a safety slogan contest

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ClydeFrog Oklahoma fan623/2 2:56 pm
by yurintroubl

Baton Rouge: No murders in the month of February

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Croacka333/2 2:47 pm
by Krypto

Doing my taxes: when will we be able to claim dogs as dependents?

magildachunks193/2 2:31 pm
by GeauxxxTigers23

Justification vs. Excuse

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Buttermilk Pancakes OhioState fan213/2 2:26 pm
by Putty

Why do bad things happen to good people?

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WicKed WayZ Saints fan473/2 2:20 pm
by ManBearTiger

An ingredient in olive oil that appears to kill cancer cells

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hawgfaninc Stanford fan323/2 2:01 pm
by indytiger

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