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When did the definition of creole change?

prplhze2000 LSU fan012/28 9:39 pm
by prplhze2000

Wife finds husband mauled to death by family pet pit bull on Christmas Day

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Darth_Vader Auburn fan13912/28 9:38 pm
by Rhino5

Anyone have a GPS car tracker?

(Page 1 2 3 4)
911Moto6212/28 9:38 pm
by Commit2theG

I just fueled up for $1.85/gallon

(Page 1 2 3)
heypaul Penn fan5912/28 9:37 pm
by SwaggerCopter

Alexa Vogue looking pretty hot right now on WBRZ

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theantiquetiger LSU fan7412/28 9:36 pm
by Paul Allen

Anyone want to come empty my dishwasher?

hendersonshands ULL fan1712/28 9:39 pm
by SuperSaint

Plane potentially found

Teauxler LSU fan1112/28 9:28 pm
by white perch

Anyone know a good-looking Tammy?

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Pectus Saints fan7012/28 9:26 pm
by Darth_Vader

Neat experience...met a WWII veteran at Sam's Club yesterday.

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Crimson1st Alabama fan5912/28 9:25 pm
by SuperSaint

Who's got the best place to go camping?

(Page 1 2)
BengalBlood812512/28 9:25 pm
by CroakaBait

Spinoff Tammy Thread: What women's names have what traits?

chinhoyang LSU fan1312/28 9:20 pm
by TigerScratch

Frameless glass shower door/enclosure

ericw8036 LSU fan612/28 9:16 pm
by tketaco

Philips Hue Lights

HowardThePig612/28 9:11 pm
by SpqrTiger

Where did you get you auto windows tinted in Baton Rouge?

756 LSU fan812/28 9:00 pm
by jordan21210

Help identifying this spider

(Page 1 2)
msutiger LaTech fan3412/28 8:57 pm
by beulahland

Foosball tables in Baton Rouge?

AndyCBR LSU fan1812/28 8:55 pm
by AndyCBR

Best dating site for old people

(Page 1 2)
GREENHEAD22 LSU fan3212/28 8:53 pm
by Robin Masters

Moron wants refund after failed ticket scalping attempt

stout Arizona fan1312/28 8:52 pm
by biglego

Last purchase you made strictly out of boredom?

(Page 1 2)
mpar98 LSU fan2812/28 8:51 pm
by soccerfüt

Final four vote help, NO BOTS PLEASE (no limit vote #) vs. Maggie from Ole Miss

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CocomoLSU PennState fan249712/28 8:47 pm
by lsujunky

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