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Bowl Pick'em Contest is LIVE...all picks due on Dec 20 @ 10:00am CT

Chicken USA fan1512/18 1:17 am
by Crimson1st

Group racks up $350 restaurant bill, proceeds to assault waitress/kitchen staff

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goldennugget WestVirginia fan13012/18 10:11 am
by nes2010

Do you by your boss a gift for Christmas?

79 Pelicans fan1012/18 10:11 am
by DirtyMikeandtheBoys

Anyone ever paid to "boost" a post on FB?

Schmelly1612/18 10:10 am
by CaptainPanic

Do you latch bathroom stall door to take a leak?

FishinTygah84 LSU fan1412/18 10:10 am
by Hu_Flung_Pu

Why do poor people in developing countries have more kids

mizzoukills1512/18 10:10 am
by Ignignot

Jordan James Parke spent $150,000 to look like Kim Kardashian

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arseinclarse USA fan3712/18 10:09 am
by NOX

What is the saddest event you've attended?

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TXTIGERTAIL LSU fan7912/18 10:07 am
by DirtyMikeandtheBoys

Goooood Morning, OT!

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I Love Bama mizzou fan10112/18 10:07 am
by jimbeam

Iphone now allows you to share emergency contact info if your phone is locked

TexasTiger01 LSU fan812/18 10:07 am
by boom roasted

Greatest TD Stories of All Time

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Big Moe LSU fan17312/18 10:07 am
by prplhze2000

More talk of widening Perkins Road between Siegen and Highland

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sec13rowBBseat28 LSU fan2812/18 10:07 am
by TigerRob20

More evidence the UVA rapist doesn't exist

colorchangintiger LSU fan612/18 10:06 am
by WDE24

What does Sony think North Korea is gonna do if they released "the Interview"??

Ignignot LSU fan1712/18 10:04 am
by Jobu93

Places around BR that you think you remember

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meauxjeaux212512/18 10:03 am
by dewster

Spinoff: old Ascension Parish

kingbob LSU fan1012/18 10:01 am
by doubleb

Must be close to Christmas time. String of robberies in the FQ.

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arseinclarse USA fan3112/18 9:58 am
by arseinclarse

Was there ever a Sammy's Grille on Jones Creek?

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PiscesTiger LSU fan2012/18 9:57 am
by Skillet

Let's talk lactose intolerance.

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The Egg LSU fan5312/18 9:54 am
by constant cough

Matilda Jane has excellent deals on trendy girls clothing right now!!!

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mizzoukills7412/18 9:39 am
by mizzoukills

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